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Create a mental health mobile phone app- providing support & coping strategies, giving the individual maximum control over their wellbeing

by Alan McCready in Clevedon, England, United Kingdom

We are a North Somerset based CIC supporting around 70 individuals with mental health conditions in the community.  We stage events and create innovations to raise awareness for mental health and provoke and promote the conversation around mental health. If you want to find out about what we get up to please check out our website www.weareaware.info  and if you have any questions, please do email us at admin@weareaware.info

We hear feedback from those we support- experiences good and bad, and use those to help shape what we do: the support we provide, and the projects we undertake.

Many use wellbeing Apps- some effectively; Some use several; Yet still we hear "I wish there was an App that...."

We want to involve the lived experience peers on a journey to create their own solution.

Many complaints around services involve a sense of not being listened to or heard

Many do not have a care plan in place. Some that do admit that it has been years since they have reviewed it

Some are still finding plans are being created and completed with minimal involvement of them- the very individual at the centre of the plan

Those with lived experience of mental health are often intelligent, articulate people that struggle periodically. With things in place to manage better times constructively to cater for the tougher times; indicators to self-assess when things are going wrong; self-selected tools to cope in hard times; and direction and support in place for times of crisis, the individual can be permitted maximum independence over their own life.

This is not a scheme to undermine services or highlight shortcomings, but rather to use any negativity constructively to offer a better way.

We want to build an App - at a Minimum Viable Product level, which can light the way. 

The App will help and encourage the individual to create plans and toolkits specific to them- other Apps do this too- we know!- but we want this to be built to daily monitor wellbeing such that these tools are honed, plans are self-monitored and regularly adjusted to remain a living document- and connection with services are encouraged to share changes. 

This gives a sense of self worth and independence to the individual, but also an active awareness to services of the individual's current wellbeing. It can serve to make caseload management more proactive and less labour intensive.

The App will also allow the individual to create a data sharing page for secure emailing.

Many individuals recount how they went through repeated interviews and were asked for the same details. Many find these social situations intense and anxiety invoking. Some complain how, despite having thorough notes on service held files about their care and treatment, that it is apparent these are not always read prior to meetings or calls. By having a controlled, defined data set that they are happy to share, the peers can independently answer all questions needed without stress and also to reiterate preferences.

This is not expected to be the definitive answer to everything, but we aim for this to resolve many recurring basic problems and also push quality of care and support in the right direction.

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