The Bee Initiative - Bees are the answer

by David Gapper-Hampson in Cwm, Wales, United Kingdom

The Bee Initiative - Bees are the answer
We did it
On 3rd December 2020 we successfully raised £11,004 ( + est. £263.75 Gift Aid ) with 190 supporters in 182 days

we are raising money to place 40 brand new hives with bees out into the local community to promote environmentalism and sustainability.

by David Gapper-Hampson in Cwm, Wales, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The extra money raised will be put to use by purchasing more hives and bees that we will always find a home for!

We started the organisation with just two of us and one hive, that was 2013, by 2018 we had become a charity and manage 96 hives across the South Wales area.  We are a very small charity but our impact is direct and huge.  All of our hives are placed into peoples back gardens or balconies, office blocks and hotels, where ever we can get them settled and safe.  The hives are managed by our team of 26 volunteers, we have no paid staff and our two charity shops are the main stream of income and customer contact.

In 2020, the trustees have decided to be utterly ambitious and set a target of 40 hives for next year, as such we are searching and trying to secure funding to pay for the hives. Each hive takes care of the flowers, tress,bushes and vegetables within a six mile radius of the hive, it is worth remembering that bees are directly responsible for 90% to 92% of all pollination. If bees vanished tomorrow, simply put the world would starve, the only thing bees cannot directly affect is anything that comes out of water.

This is why bees are so important, all the food, including poultry, meat, fruit and veg would simply not be enough to sustain us, things we drink, such as a glass of wine, that pint of beer or the glass of bubbly, that vodka and coke or gin and tonic, it really is the only insect that impacts everything we have and consume. I really do not wish to bore you to death, but it is everyone's priority and we should do all we can to help bees!

The money is spent directly on hives and bees, £15,800 is enough for us to secure 40 hives, that's 40 more homes supporting and encouraging bees right from their back garden, keeping our allotments working, our forests growing and our precious green hills and vales green!

Please help us, support us and talk to us, we really want this project to be a huge success and hope you will consider supporting us and the vital work we do!

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