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Stop the rising tide of plastic in our school community, get everyone recycling, and create a beautiful environment to share.

by Steve Miles in Chesham, England, United Kingdom

Our story

"With over 1200 students here at CGS, if everyone buys one plastic bottle a week, that’s over 45000 plastic bottles being thrown away every school year simply because we don’t have access to the necessary recycling bins."

Although we each alone aim to make a difference in the battle against climate change, our whole community at Chesham Grammar School needs to come together to make a real difference. Students and staff have come up with a plan to make a difference so our school is a better place to be, and make our contribution to the battle against the rising tide of plastic waste.

Our student senior leaders in their final year of school really want to leave a lasting legacy by starting a change in behaviour. Looking around at the amount of single use plastic and paper waste site in bins and left as litter around our school site, we urgently want to take action to make a positive change in the way that we treat our community environment:

What will we do?

With your help we’d like to invest in:

  • £2,000 for durable new recycling bins across the site which accommodate for plastic, paper, card and other mixed recyclables we currently put in general waste.
  • £1,400 for new water fountains so students can reuse bottles instead of throwing plastic away.
  • £1,600 for new seating and native plants to improve our green space for well-being and to encourage everyone to take ownership of their space.

If we can achieve our higher target of £12,000, then we will also be able to invest in a reverse vending machine which crushes cans and plastic bottles in return for a reward which we can use to promote recycling throughout the school community.

How will we make this happen?

  • Launch recycling campaign through student-led assemblies and raise awareness of the impact of waste on climate change
  • Produce and promote school refillable bottles 
  • Negotiate with school catering to ban single use plastic
  • Make this campaign part of our school sustainability plan for the future
  • Work with other schools, local charities and the wider community to spread the word

Creating a better future

The overall aim of this project is beyond just recycling.  We want to inspire current and future generations of students to take pride in their local community and make a positive contribution to climate change by addressing the immediate issues as well as developing life long habits.  By establishing those habits at a young age, students can have a lasting impact on the local area and their families, and improve their world for the future.

Why we need your help!

Being a school we don’t have the necessary funds for such a project readily available. With your donations we can significantly improve the difference we make in our world!

Let's make 'Get Recycling at CGS' happen

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