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Support Covid affected children to visit the petting farm. Play country games, fun & friendship to support their mental and physical health

by Dodford Childrens Farm - Post Covid Support in Dodford, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Our Pilot scheme is a one week long Country Camp - to get children out into the country side with the animals, fun team games and play on offer. We have planned Group Bubbles and aim to make 20 - 30  children a day, exceptionally happy.

Activities include The Imagination Zone, Smelly Tent (sensory touch & animal noises), Super Movers (music & dance) and Exploration Base camp leading to the Fairy Forrest Walk & pond dipping. Our regular activies also include meeting and feeding our super friendly selection of animals.

  • An extension to this first weeks camp would be another Post Covid Camp week and so on if we get your support? We can scale this up as many weeks as we get support for.

At 140 plus  children capacity per week the Camp runs - we could quickly make many more children happy. With full support at £8 - 10,000 we could make children happier - all Summer! What a joyous thing!


Post Covid Country Camp Aims & Objectives


  • To get children out and active into the countryside - supporting their mental health and wellbeing, to kick start their recovery, Post Covid
  • Refocus the Children's Farm, re-engaging with our local community after the lock down
  • To support children, many from inner-cities, in a Covid safe environment, outside in bubbles
  • The pilot scheme for one week will cost £2,000 to get up and running, additional funds will allow the project to run for more weeks. Ideally £8 - £10,000 would give us the run of the Summer to help 1,000’s of children restart their lives, Post COVID.
  • Develop a team of local supporters and funders to build a community within Dodford/Bromsgrove to help us achieve our goals, supporting children
  • To enable us to keep the Farm building available for our family and school work - nurturing and supporting the most vulnerble in society
  • To get local businesses involved with helping us-Profile 81, has offered marketing and IT support
  • Reconnect to fellow partnering organisations like BARN & Worcester CC

The Power of Play

Research from Barnardos and many other institutions shows that play is vital for healthy child development - it boosts emotional and physical well-being and helps build confidence, social skills, creativity and resilience. 



  • To give children a moment in time when they can see light at the end of the long and dark Covid tunnel -  to inspire and empower them through sport, team games, integration with animals/the natural world and grow strong friendships
  • Having children at the Farm is especially important within our local community. Supporters get to become part of our farm community, helping the environment and opening up the world a bit for city and country kids alike. Its a massive privlege to support  children and their carers all of whom are  special and unique to us
  • If we can get up and running with Microsoft 365 (thank you Alessandro & Elif) and other software quickly enough we will also get the benefit of collecting all these newfound income streams and networks of people and businesses to use them again in a structured way for future fundraising campaigns. 
  • Sharing information over a secure cloud managed by Microsoft would also enable the Management and Trustees to get on with their own sections of the work and have complete visibility.  Moving quickly towards financial security improves our ability to constantly improve the experience for children.  
  • By managing the way, we ask questions and collate information we optimise our ability to convert one off donations into repeat funding streams, Gary at Profile 81 Marketing  has offered donated support with our marketing and IT systems
  • Our regular funding streams have like all charities have been hit hard by Covid, your support is much needed in these difficult times
  •  Offering Covid affected children, a super fun really great day out at our Farm Charity (having been closed for nearly 12 months) restarts our offer to quasi-governmental institutions/schools  - that have had other priorities and have not been able to use the benefits of play to support childrens development

Overall this Pilot - Post Covid Country Camp kickstarts the beginning of a process of innovation and change with renewed vigor - to improve children's lives.

Please support us generously, if you're able to - and donate today. Thank you.

Dodford Children's Farm                                                                                            February 2021

Pilot Country Camp - Costings   (Breakdown available)                                                  

Groups of 5 x 4 maximum capacity 140       =     £20.76 per child

Groups of 6 x 4 maximum capacity 168       =     £17.30 per child



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