Feeding the Community (Covid-19)

by Feeding the Community in Leigh, England, United Kingdom

Feeding the Community (Covid-19)
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

We are looking to open a 10 bed Rehabilitation centre to help and support any individuals who are currently sleeping rough on the streets.

by Feeding the Community in Leigh, England, United Kingdom

We are a small, privately owned and self-sustained charity based in Leigh, Lancashire.

Our purpose is to help and support the homeless and needy on a day to day basis. We currently operate a day centre that is open to ALL persons who are in need. Serving Two hot meals a day and providing a safe and warm environment, with care and support is what we do best. We rely solely on contributions, donations, volunteers to assist us in our efforts to provide, to those, who need it most.

As part of our continued growth and due to the ever-increasing need of resources in our community, for those who need us most, HSP have launched a project called ‘LIVES MATTER’. In addition to our current operaration, we will be opening a bed unit for those who literally have no-where to go, should they become homeless. Not only will we provide a place for those in need to lay their heads at night, we will also be introducing a support and rehabilitation centre to help and support day to day struggles for those who need it most. Our purpose is to offer 24-hour care and support and to show those who are in need, that someone, somewhere, really does care.

Our mission is to locate a building which is large enough, so that we can convert it into minimum 10 individual bedrooms. We will provide separate shower rooms and toilets so that anyone using our services are able to maintain dignity and self-respect in areas of hygiene and well-being. This is something most of us take for granted in our everyday lives. Unfortunately not everyone has the use of these basic luxeries. Not only will the use of our facilities be for those in need of a bed, they will also be made avaiable for anyone and everyone in need. We will also be adding another day care and support centre, except this will be with the addition of daily therapy, rehabilitation, coaching sessions, for those who aim to turn their lives around for the better.

Our goal is to raise as much resource as possible. Ranging from donations of building materials, manpower, finance, or anything that may assist us in our efforts.

Lives Matter- Even if we do not know the persons we are supporting . EVERYBODY needs SOMEBODY and your support will make all the difference in peoples lives.

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