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To run two workshops every week for one year for our older members aged 12-25 targeting low-income households who are disadvantaged.

by Theo Thomas in London, England, United Kingdom

We would like to run two workshops every week for one year (47 cooking sessions & 47 Yoga Sessions) for our older members aged between 12 - 25 years old:

Cooking club will provide cooking skills, snacks and information to young people living on fast food and processed meals. We will target children and young people from low-income households who are disadvantaged . Healthy cooking will encourage group eating and discussion around the table.
It is common place for children and young people in this area to eat unhealthy food, unfortunately many children and young people for various reasons are caught in a vicious circle of poor eating habits. The aim of cooking Club is to intervene and break this vicious circle by providing information, cooking skills and opportunities to work eat and learn as a group. Through this process they will be challenged about their eating habits, they will begin to understand the importance of good food and become motivated to maintain healthier diets. It is proven that the bad behaviour of many children and young people living in deprived areas can be attributed to poor eating habits. Cooking Club will support children to maintain good eating habits this will have a positive impact on how they engage in school, college mainly due to improved concentration and positive energy.

Together with yoga we will raise motivation and fitness levels. It is now evident from research that the use of mobile phones and game consoles is creating serious posture problems for children and young people. Through yoga these problems can be rectified whilst also working with participant's mental strength.
Participating in Yoga sessions will also support concentration levels and help improve posture. This will further improve children's quality of life and their ability to engage constructively. Observational studies have demonstrated how poor posture affects confidence and enthusiasm moreover it can lead to long term health issues. The participation in Yoga will further support children to engage positively.

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