Healthier BAME Communities- Covid 19 Programme

by Robert Peers in London, England, United Kingdom

Healthier BAME Communities- Covid 19 Programme


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We are proposing to deliver a healthy living programme aimed at children and adults that have a BAME background

by Robert Peers in London, England, United Kingdom

The programme that we are proposing during the Covid-19 pandemic will see the Foundation support the BAME (Black and Minority Ethinic) community in The London Borough of Lewisham on the Bellingham estate. Current research and statistics show that more people that are from BAME backgrounds are being affected worse and dying from covid-19. The Foundation wants to help the children and young people in Athelney and Elfrida Primary school as well as the community surrounding the school. These children and young people are from socio-economically disadvantaged area  and may not have the means or space to be physically active for long periods of time especially during the pandemic. 

There is a growth in the health gap between those that live in deprivated areas and affluent areas in the UK. Conditions such as income, education and employment can influence the health of children and also adults. Data also suggests that obesity is also linked to having a more serious ilnesses with covid-19 and this new proposed programme will tackle that issue head on. It will enable the children and young people and also the adults to stay fit and active. 

Two deliverers will deliver 1 hour long sessions that will involve various physical activities including aerobic and anaerobic exercise. On a Monday and Tuesday the deliverers will delivering at Atheleny Primary School 3-5pm and on a Wednesday and Thursday they will be at Elfrida Primary School 3-5pm. Children from years 3,4,5 and 6 with a BAME background will take part as well as children and adults selected from the community surround both of the schools. So there will be a total of 8 hours delivery per week. The programme will run for a duration of 30 weeks at each of the two schools. At the end of each of the sessions the deliverers will be using the 'childrens guide to coronavirus' that will be obtained from the Childs Commissioners website. They will use this to explain to the children and young people in the session exactly what covid-19 is and how they can reduce the spread of infection aswell as stay healthy. 

We want these children, young people and adults to feel less isolated and less segregated especially since the pandemic and we also want them to have a much more healthier lifestyle now during the pandemic and also after. We believe that this programme will not only have a positive physical impact on the beneficiaries but it will also have a huge impact on their mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Let's make 'Healthier BAME Communities- Covid 19 Programme' happen

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