Improved Social/Sports Facilities for the Disabled

by Pete Frost in Norton, England, United Kingdom


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We need to improve access to our sports facilities and clubhouse for people with disabilities to improve quality of life in our community

by Pete Frost in Norton, England, United Kingdom

We have fantastic sports facilities covering nine sports and are planning a major refurbishment of our clubhouse. In this, we believe we are unique in our region if not nationally in being independent and having such a large site (55 acres!!) with such a wide range of sports (archery, athletics, bowls, cricket, football, hockey, squash, snooker and tennis) together with a clubhouse which is a major social hub for the local community.

Our project aims to give disabled people better access to and use of our sporting and social facilities.  

Research shows lack of activity and social isolation can be issues for those with disablement and therefore we wish to help address this.  Our charitable objectives include improving the quality of life for disabled people and we recognise that we need to improve in this area. Key within the project is establishing better access to our clubhouse through automatic doors and also installation of a number of pathways and ramps including to new accessible toilets.


People with disabilities are currently under-represented in terms of numbers of people who currently use  our fantastic facilities each year and therefore we believe there is significant opportunity and potential to make a real difference to a very important part of the community. A concrete example of the difference our project will make is through the blind and physically disabled archers who are part of Norton Archers who are one of the sports clubs resident on the site.

How will the money be spent? 

Raising £15,000 would enable us to do the following:

  • create new accessible toilets to serve our function room
  • install ramps and suitable paving to allow easy access to our clubhouse and new terrace
  • replace a manual door at our main entrance with an automatic one thereby affording easy access
  •  improve access to our sports facilities.  Should we exceed our crowdfunding target or be awarded any additional funds, then we would do more of this as the costs are well in excess of the initial target

Project Evolution

As part of the annual review of our activities at the end of 2018, we recognised that we needed to do more for both the aged and also those with disablement which are both specified groups within our charitable objectives.  Through 2019, the key part of this has been establishing what changes we need to make to our clubhouse to make it more accessible and user friendly for the disabled.  Using input from an architect, from Stockton Borough Council and using Sport England design guidelines, we have identified the specific physical changes we need to make to achieve those objectives.

Part of the inspiration for doing this has been the success of the archery club with their blind and physically disabled members and also the positive response we have had when doing even small projects to help with accessibility.  As an example of this, a family is now able to come and support our hockey activities as they can get their wheelchair right next to the pitch and the associated building.

Looking forward, we hope that more disabled people will use our clubhouse and this will encourage them to be more active and use the sports facilities.  This is exactly what we have found historically and most particularly with families where once they know what we have at Norton, they start to use the facilities much more. To give some structure to this, we will be carrying out a full site survey using the Sport England accessibility checklist in the near future.  This will enable us to prioritise further developments once this project is complete which we hope will be by the end of November 2020.

Rewards - we do not expect something for nothing!

We would very much like you to support our project and would like to show you some direct appreciation if you can do this.  Examples of what we have on offer are free hire of our superb sports facilities or free hire of our function room for an event of your choice.  So if you have ever fancied that game of squash or would like to throw a party for whatever reason, here is your chance!

About Norton Sports Charity (

For over 140 years Norton Sports Charity and its' predecessors have been providing sport and social facilities for the local community.  We have an experienced Board of Directors from a wide variety of backgrounds some with many decades of involvement with the Charity including several major projects and initiatives. Successes in recent times include:

* restructuring to become 'Open to All' rather than having a requirement for membership

* self-funded refurbishment of our artificial grass pitch

* since 2017, we have run a highly successful Outreach programme which has brought many new users to our site including to our new Community Forest.  Involved in this have been local schools including ones with special needs units, local hospices and also Daisy Chain being an autism respite Charity who are our immediate neighbours.

  • Winners of Community Sports Award across 800 voluntary organisations in Stockton-on-Tees



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