Operation SNAP Enterprise for learning disability

by MK SNAP in Walnut Tree, England, United Kingdom

Operation SNAP Enterprise for learning disability


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Operation SNAP Enterprise – New year, new futures - realising the dreams of people with learning disabilities through skills and experience

by MK SNAP in Walnut Tree, England, United Kingdom

Who, what, why?

New Year, new futures. Operation SNAP Enterprise is MK SNAP's project to make dreams come true for people with learning disabilities through work training and work experience in five exciting new business enterprises:-

  • Catering & cafe 
  • Horticulture 
  • Canvas  art
  • Handmade crafts 
  • Packing & assembly 

We will involve than 100 people with learning disabilities in the design, making, pricing, marketing and selling of products as each business enterprise grows and develops.

From 'ground to table' with our horticulture and catering business and from ‘idea to reality’ in our retail business of canvas art, pottery, handmade crafts and cards, people with learning disabilities will gain skills to open doors to new opportunities.

 Here's the MK SNAP cafe team in training

Lauren's dream is to sell her own Cup Cakes but first, she needs your help to learn the skills that will help her realise her goal. MK SNAP's cafe and catering enterprise will offer Lauren the experience and skills to realise her potential.

Tutors, learning assistants and volunteers will support people with learning disabilities to grow in confidence and experience in their preferred business area. 

For those who are more able, it will open up work opportunities in the community.

The difference 

Operation SNAP Enterprise has the potential to turn around the spiralling decline of people with a learning disability having poorer health, housing, education, opportunities and income, than those without a learning disability.  

Evidence shows that, with the right support, people with learning disabilities – can not only work but do an excellent job that they and their employers value highly (Steve Beyer and Carol Robinson (2009).

However, it is hard for people with learning disabilities to get jobs.  One of the main issues is training.  People with learning disabilities looking for jobs need the training to improve their skills and meet employer’s needs. 

We know that 65% of people with learning disabilities would like a paid job. (Adults with Learning Difficulties in England 2003/4, Eric Emerson (2005). However, many barriers exist to people with a learning disability getting paid job including

  • A lack of good quality support to get and maintain employment
  • A lack of support to build confidence and aspiration
  • A lack of adequate skills
  • Access to independent travel, transport training and support
  • A lack of in-work mentoring
  • A lack of understanding as to what people with a learning disability can do with the right support

Operation SNAP Enterprise is a sustainable life-long programme of work and independence, building a sense of self-worth and feeling good about what you 'can do'. 

'I can' attitude

Production and pride is building in the SNAP’s canvas art enterprise

With great roots and your support, SNAP's Horticulture enterprise will thrive. With your help, our Horticulture enterprise could be big business, blossoming skills and job opportunities for people with learning disabilities.

As the income from Operation SNAP Enterprise grows, these funds will be ploughed back into our leading education and learning programme.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

A FREE tea or coffee in the SNAP Community Cafe

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£20 Reward

Twenty per cent discount on MK SNAP handmade gifts and crafts

£50 or more

£50 Reward

Ten per cent discount on MK SNAP Canvas art

Let's make 'Operation SNAP Enterprise for learning disability' happen

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