Blooming Blossoms

by Future For All in London, England, United Kingdom

Blooming Blossoms
We did it
On 20th December 2023 we successfully raised £39,980 with 63 supporters in 42 days

500 gardening lessons and Eco friendly projects to teach children the impact they have on the environment and how to act sustainably.

by Future For All in London, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

The more we raise the more children we will impact, by raising extra funds we will put on more gardening sessions so that we reach even more children and give them the opportunity to connect to nature, gain an in-depth understanding of the natural environment and how we humans impact it. With the first £1000 beyond our budget we will get personalized aprons for the children inscribed with what inspires them about nature.

Our Blooming blossoms Gardening club is a great way to help children connect to nature and its benefits and learn about the importance of taking care of the environment.

In the gardening lessons we will teach children sustainable gardening practices which research has shown that it is an important part of the solution to climate change as it slows future warming by reducing carbon emissions and increasing carbon storage in soil and plants. Teaching them to grow food reduces carbon emissions associated with long-distance transportation and storage and training them to compost food scraps and yard waste reduces methane emissions in landfills. 

We aim to instill a deep appreciation for the environment, foster pro-environmental behaviors, and promote community cohesion through the nature-based activities that we will run. 

By cultivating their own plants and witnessing the wonders of its growth firsthand, children will develop a sense of appreciation for nature and a desire to protect and preserve it for future generations.

Funds will be used for educational sessions and paraphernalia at our Gardening club. We will grow fruits, vegetables, herbs and plants and learn to make compost from yard waste and food scrap. We will teach various gardening topics, including seed starting, soil preparation, plant care and beneficial insects and pollinators and educate them in the issues facing our planet and ways they can help combat them. 

“The sessions provide a safe space for us to improve our physical and mental well-being by connecting to nature and the natural world.   Nature has a calming effect on us and helps us develop responsibility, patience and cooperation in addition to bringing feelings of pride and empowerment” says Benny, 8 years old. 

Our vision is to get as many children as possible educated in the concept of caring for our environment through sustainable gardening and inspire the next generation to become stewards of the environment.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£75 or more

£75 Reward

A £75 pledge will make ta world of difference to the natural world and our young gardeners, you will receive a flowered signed THANK YOU card from our little gardeners.

£150 or more

£150 Reward

Wow! see the difference your donation made up close, for a pledge of £150 receive a plant or vegetables grown in one of our gardens.

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