Supportive Care Packs for Patients with Cancer

by Gemma Crane in Abingdon, England, United Kingdom

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To support the physical and mental well being of people having treatment for cancer through the provision of Supportive Care Packages.

by Gemma Crane in Abingdon, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

If we raised the set amount of amount then we would would love to continue to raise more to support this project further and fund more Supportive Care Packages for more people who are being treated for cancer. It would enable us to extend our reach even further, which we believe is necessary to support people at such a difficult time in their lives. 



' This little act of kindness arrived when I needed a boost the most. The products are good quality and have really helped me with my side effects. Thank you!' 

Anon 2021

Cancer Patient Support- Support People With Cancer 

Every year approximately 370, 000 people  are diagnosed with cancer in the UK. Receiving a cancer diagnosis is often a very difficult time in a person's life. We are on a mission to support these people by offering a Cancer Support Package at the beginning of their chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment. We believe that simple gestures like this make a huge difference to the mind set of someone going through cancer treatment to give them huge emotional support and to help support their well being.

People with cancer have been impacted severely by the pandemic. Many have had delays in diagnosis or treatment commencing so for some, treatments will be more intensive. People with cancer and their carers need support both physically and mentally. 

Our Vision

UCARE would like to provide Supportive Care Packs to people having treatment for cancer to help them cope with the side effects of treatment better such as, dry skin, nausea and cracked lips, so they can potentially stay on treatment for longer. The care packages will include hand balms, lip balms, skin moisturisers, nausea lozenges, eye masks and information to support and signpost them to other services. 

These packages will add positivity to their cancer journey and provide a package that helps to improve their quality of life. Just to feel that someone cares enough to recognise what they are facing and provide a bit of kindness to help them through it.

UCARE offers a number of other services for people with cancer and their carers so this will encourage them to uptake these services too, and the packages will contribute to this signposting and support provision.

The Importance of Mental Health

The mental health of people with cancer is very important in terms of how they cope with their cancer treatment. It has been especially important during the pandemic as there are less face to face to appointments and services. People are much more isolated and lonely and therefore at a greater risk of depression. 

The Supportive Care Packs for Patients with Cancer are really important as they impact on both the patients ability to self manage and feel empowered due to increased knowledge as well as improving their all round health and well being and quality of life. They provide a sense of positivity and care absolutely when it is needed most. 

Who Will This Help?

This work will be aimed at people with cancer who are commencing cancer therapy. They can be of any age. We will be mainly targeting people with urological cancer (prostate, testicular, bladder, kidney cancer) but the packages will be generic and therefore can be used for people with any tumour type. 

The Difference

This project will make a real difference to people with cancer and their carers. The focus is on health and improving the well being of people with cancer who are facing a very difficult time in their lives. 

The supportive care packages provide relief from some of the side effects of treatment but also provide information, signposting and positivity which will help to support their mental health and reduce social isolation which has been so hard for people cancer during the pandemic. This will not only impact on the person with cancer but also on their families. The outcome will be for people with cancer to be offered solutions for self management so that they feel empowered and can cope better. 

This UCARE project aims to improve the patient experience and quality of life. UCARE is here to provide information and support people at a time when they need it most.

UCARE- Finding New Ways To Fight Cancer. Every Penny Counts


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

Cancer Support Package

This will enable someone being treated with cancer to receive a cancer support package during their treatment. Thank you.

£10 or more

A Big Thumbs Up

A great big thank you from us to you for supporting people with cancer. Every penny counts so thank you!

£20 or more

Raising Awareness of Cancer

Because of your generosity someone will think twice about their symptoms and seek help from their GP more quickly. An early diagnosis saves lives as they will be able to access treatment more quickly! Thank you!

£80 or more

Cancer A-Z Course

A course created to support people with cancer, their carers and those organisations that support them. A whistle stop tour of cancer for you or your loved one. Thank you!

£200 or more

A Health and Well Being Session for you Business

A health and well being talk will be offered to you by our Lead Community Nurse.

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