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On 18th January 2021 we successfully raised £15,050 with 172 supporters in 69 days

We’re a choir of refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and friends, determined to keep singing & recording together through Covid-19 and beyond

by Citizens of the World Choir in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We are so grateful to have secured matchfunding from the Mayor of London's Back to Business fund - IF we raise another £3k before next Wednesday, 16th December and hit our original £10,000 target in donations from individual supporters.

This will allow us to start our recording work first thing in the new year - to invest in proper equipment, to make sure we can be loudly and proudly celebrating the extraordinary voices that find sanctuary in our choir, and amplify our message of peace, solidarity and togetherness - for the first time with a professional recording.

Your support is so appreciated - and we are so nearly there! Thank you, from all at Citizens of the World.

We’re trying to raise £10,000 in the next four weeks to keep us going through the winter!

Before Covid, half our income came from live gigs. Will you help us take a new direction?

We are a group of 50 singers from 30 different nationalities, who have performed at the Houses of Parliament, at Shakespeare’s Globe, for the United Nations and on the BBC.

"We are more than a choir, we are more than a community. We are a family." - Sonia, choir member

Since the closure of the Calais Jungle in 2016, the Choir has been bringing people together to provide vital support. Every day in the news is another story about the hostile environment. We’re determined to change the narrative!

Citizens of the World Choir provides a safe, supportive and celebratory space for refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and friends to make brilliant, beautiful, loud music that raises up the diverse voices, cultures & experiences that find sanctuary and a home in our choir.

"The choir means a lot to me. It's like a soothing balm to my inner mind." - Abiola, choir member

At this time, togetherness has never been more important. And because we can’t perform to a (live) audience for a little while yet, we’re going to change tack: we are going to devise, compose and record three original songs! These will feature artists with lived experience of displacement, in an exciting collaboration with renowned composer Tom Donald and led by our Musical Director Becky Dell.

This means that by Springtime, you’ll be able to hear our music on Spotify, and we will be able to reach even more people to spread our message of inclusivity and hope.

"I’m so happy to be in the choir. The supportive and friendly environment makes me feel good and ambitious to be a singer in future." - Kazim, choir member


Why Do We Need Your Support?

We’ve come so far to be together, and before Covid, half our income came from live gigs - but obviously, performance as we knew it is impossible just now. 

So we’re trying to raise £10,000 in the next four weeks to keep us going through the winter.

Many of our choir already faced economic deprivation, isolation, loneliness and the mental health challenges that come with marginalisation and insecure housing. Six months of Covid has just made this worse. Some of us are forbidden from working by the Home Office while we wait for a decision and therefore exist on just over £5/day. A few have no recourse to public funds at all, and rely on emergency food parcels provided by the choir. 

And we’ve not let lockdown stop us! 

Since March, we’ve rehearsed online, and since August we’ve run safe and socially distanced rehearsals in person too. Prior to Lockdown 2 coming into force,  we were able to - cautiously but joyously - get back together at the Covid-secure venue, Mycenae House in Blackheath, keeping online and in-person rehearsals running concurrently. The New York Times even ran a feature on us as one of the first UK choirs getting back together! 

And while we're back online for now, our recording plans continue apace, as we keep up the soulful, healing work of making music together.


What Does It Cost? 

It costs over £5000/month to keep the choir running, and Covid has devastated our income. Your generous support will give a platform to voices from all over the world to unite in music. 

A £5 donation will cover the cost of printing & posting a music pack to a member of the choir while we can't be together. 

A £12 donation will cover a refugee / asylum seeking member's travel to and from our safe, socially distanced rehearsal

A £20 donation pays for phone data to allow a refugee/asylum seeker access to a month of rehearsals online

A £25 donation would cover the weekly cost of our rehearsal room, when we can get together

A £120 donation will pay for a secondhand smartphone - meaning we can include our shielding members in our activities

A £300 donation will cover the cost of printing and sending music packs to the whole choir 

A £500 donation will cover the cost of two rehearsals, including travel expenses for our refugee members, and room hire



For all rewards, please make sure you click on the Rewards buttons first in order to redeem your generous donation! For any difficulties or issues, please email citizensoftheworldchoir@gmail.com 

Terms & Conditions:

Any physical or digital rewards will in the first place be marked by an email voucher, sent within 14 days of the donation being placed. Cards, mugs and tea-towels for UK delivery only. Requests for recordings of songs and poems, or self-authored songs and poems, must be appropriate in terms of content - ie, no glorification of violence or fascism, or incitement to hatred. The Choir reserves the right to advise accordingly on requested content. Delivery dates are all approximate. For Emily rewards, requests must be outside of copyright (pre-75 years). For Ian rewards, songs are covers only, for personal use.  For exclusive performance by Choir: learning and recording will take place in one rehearsal.  Digital rewards may not be shared publicly, sold, or used for other monetary purposes.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£15 or more

15 of 100 claimed

Choir Hand-designed Greetings Cards

Spread the choir’s message of joy by sending festive greetings with these unique hand-designed cards featuring artwork by choir members (pack of 3). These will be sent out by 14th December so in time for Christmas posting.

£20 or more

21 of 50 claimed

Choir Hand-designed Poetry Tea Towel

Many of our choir members are wordsmiths, so keep a piece of art in your kitchen by purchasing an especially-designed tea-towel showcasing the uplifting and hopeful poetry of one of our choir members. (Delivered within 4-6 weeks of the donation being made)

£25 or more

6 of 50 claimed

Choir Happy Campers Mug

You can’t get one of these anywhere else! A sturdy last-forever enamel mug emblazoned with the choir logo - so you can show off about your support and declare yourself a true Citizen of the World. (Delivered within 4-6 weeks of the donation being made)

£40 or more

6 of 50 claimed

Citizen of the World Kitchen Pack

Brighten up your kitchen - or your glamping travels - with our unique Happy Camper enamel Mug and Poetry Teatowel in a reduced-price art deal!

£50 or more

10 of 100 claimed

See Your Name on Our Beautiful EP Artwork

Want to be part of something amazing? See your name appear on the beautiful artwork for our upcoming EP of our own original music! For this generous donation, you’ll get a credit on the digital EP artwork, a copy of which will be sent to you to accompany our Spotify release in Summer next year.

£75 or more

2 of 20 claimed

Personalised Blessing from Lord Roger Roberts

Any families unable to be together this year, or visit loved ones over Christmas? Have a special personal blessing recorded for you and your family especially by Founder of Citizens of the World Choir, Methodist minister, and Lib Dem peer Lord Roger Roberts of Llandudno. (To be recorded and sent as a digital message by 23rd December).

£125 or more

2 of 20 claimed

Intro to the London Contemporary Piano School

Looking to (re)discover your inner musical genius? Give your musicianship a boost with ONE WHOLE MONTH of access to world-class piano coaching - including a 1-on-1 hour long session with a LCPS tutor and 4 weekly seminars courtesy of our very own pianist and composer, Tom Donald, founder of the LCPS! Perfect for treating yourself or a loved one interested in piano!

£200 or more

1 of 3 claimed

Portrait Session with photographer Rachel Otterway

COTW Associate Rachel Otterway’s photos are never short of breathtaking. She captures moments with grace and beauty - and for £200, she’ll take your portrait. A 30 minute session - perfect for headshots or family portraits, to treat yourself or loved ones. (Email voucher, to be claimed and arranged by mutual convenience by end of June 2021 - London only).

£250 or more

1 of 5 claimed

COTW Patron Emily Watson OBE Performs Just For You

Want to hear Bafta-winning, Oscar-nominated actress and Choir Patron Emily Watson OBE perform JUST FOR YOU? Receive a personal thanks & professional video recording of one of Britain’s favourite actresses performing a poem or reading of your choice - even something you've written yourself! Why not surprise a loved one on a special day such as a birthday or wedding with this thoughtful gift. (T&Cs apply: to be delivered by June 2021)

£250 or more

2 of 5 claimed

Choir Patron Ian Shaw Performs Just For You

What’s your favourite song? Internationally acclaimed jazz legend Ian Shaw will PERSONALLY record it for you in his own very special style: nobody else will have this exclusive version! Enjoy your very own bespoke performance, including a personalised thank you from Ian on behalf of the choir. This gift is perfect for treating yourself, loved ones, or clubbing together with friends for a virtual concert. (T&Cs apply: to be delivered by June 2021)

£500 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Mentor session with Basement Jaxx's Felix Buxton

WOW! An exclusive chance to talk music making, song writing, and artistic development with one of the UK's leading composers and most visionary music producers - an opportunity not to be missed! Grab this chance, whether you’re a fan or music-maker yourself - or splash out to treat a loved one to help follow their dream. Two hour session. (Email voucher, to be claimed and arranged by mutual convenience by March 2021)

£500 or more

0 of 2 claimed

World class piano concert streamed to your home!

Renowned film composer and Citizens of the World Associate Musical Director Tom Donald will perform a 40 minute set JUST FOR YOU - he’ll even take requests. Perfect for you, your family and friends to enjoy in digital or in-person gatherings, (subject to date availability) and other get-togethers! (You will receive a voucher, to be claimed and arranged by mutual convenience by end of June 2021)

£1,000 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Exclusive Choir Recording Just For You

If you’re in a position to support us at this highest level, we will arrange, learn, sing and record a song of your choice, especially for you, along with personal greetings and thank yous from our Choir members. (You will receive a voucher, to be claimed and arranged by mutual convenience by end of June 2021)

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