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On 2nd January 2023 we successfully raised £5,397 ( + est. £305.00 Gift Aid ) with 18 supporters in 35 days

To help people who have experienced multiple disadvantages through exploitation to build towards a brighter future

by Lesley Gladwell in Derby, United Kingdom

 New stretch target


What is the Denim December challenge? 

A bunch of us will be wearing Denim every day in December to raise awareness of Modern Slavery in the garment industry, every day we will share about our denim and top tips for being more mindful of our clothes purchases.  During #DenimDecember we are also asking people to donate to the work of Rebuild East Midlands helping people recover from the impact of Modern Slavery. 

1. Wear Denim

2. Raise awareness about labour exploitation in the garment industry 

3. Donate to the work of Rebuild East Midlands 

Every individual donation to the value of £250 will be doubled throughout December

Rebuild East Midlands exists to break the cycle of exploitation, empowering individuals to rebuild their lives and move towards a brighter future. Our overall aim is to see people living free from the impact of exploitation. Help us to partner with people like *Sarah to have hope for the future and joy for today. 

Sarah's Story: 

“When I first came to Derby, I had nobody, no family, and I was thinking why am I living?  This kept in my head.  I was sad and depressed, and I felt isolated.  I just wanted to lock myself away from people.  I was lonely. One day my support worker introduced me to Rebuild.  I did not know what I was going to expect.  I was so afraid of what I was going to experience, but then, going to Rebuild, I met the Rebuild Team, and the care, the welcome that they show for the first time made me want to continue to go there. 

By keeping going I have come out of my isolation and loneliness, because it’s like I find a family, friends, and that makes me happy and feel like I am not alone anymore. I can talk to them whenever I want if anything happens. If I am stressed, and they listen, not judgemental, but listen. I now have confidence, peace and joy. 

Last year I moved into my own home – this has made a big difference because now I have my own privacy, and it gives me freedom to do what I want to do. Before I felt like I was nobody, like I was carrying a burden but now I feel light and free. Before I didn’t see myself as being able to have a life but now, I have a life of my own and a future to look forward too. I am happier than before; I also started a job. Getting my life back, I now have so many things to occupy my mind rather than thinking all the time about the past. For 22 years I felt a bird that was caged but now I feel free”

#DenimDecember is all about raising money to help people rebuild their lives after exploitation while raising awareness of what we can do to stop exploitation at its root. 

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