Digital Skills for Financial Wellbeing-Queenslove

by Ese in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Digital Skills for Financial Wellbeing-Queenslove
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On 5th April 2024 we successfully raised £500 with 1 supporters in 42 days

We raising this money to help provide digital skills training and development for financial wellbeing.

by Ese in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Queenslove Foundation is a registered charity that provides care and support to the less privileged, families, young persons and the vulnerable persons who are experiencing social and economic disadvantages or deprivation. We actively respond to community needs by offering services that are care focused, providing in person anti-loneliness events and keep people active, engaged and stay connected! We provide activities that support social integration, care, companionship and address digital poverty.

Our vision is to create an enabling environment that supports active community engagement, care, skills development and poverty relief.

What the Funds will be used for:

Queenslove Foundation understands fully the relevance of digital skills. Majority of the people would need to use internet banking for the first time to do most basic transactions. We help with money management alongside other areas of support. For instance, advising them to put their debt under control, if they have loans or owe money on credit cards, it usually makes sense to pay off the debt that charges the highest rate of interest or charges for late payments first. For example, credit or store cards usually charge more interest than personal loans from banks We are trusted to assist the vulnerable and isolated.

We will use the funds to employ 8 part time support financial assistants for 6 months and put in the technology and training they need as well as tablets and Dongles/Wifi access equipment to deliver the project.

We will direct them to receiving other appropriate financial advice from experts as required. However, our approach is specifically to help with every day financial access-such as helping to set up a direct debit. We will need specially trained assistants and technology to provide access to mainstream financial services and tools.

We will support the elderly and the disabled and those who struggle with technology and, those who can’t easily get to the bank due to closure. We will be supporting those with digital poverty and providing them tablets with a dongle so they can stay connected with their friends and family via facetime. We will provide them with the skills and knowledge required to do online purchases and conduct internet banking. This would help them take control of their financial wellbeing by using the acquired skills/tools making them to be more financially independent and be ready.

We will be supporting persons/families, the elderly/vulnerable people from the age of 30-85. They will be identified through local churches, community centres and libraries. This service will be signposted using leaflets/handbills, through local churches, libraries and community centres. This programme is going to be run for 6 months, and we hope to recruit 8 technical support assistants. The devices will be given to them as gifts and will remain with them permanently. We are hoping to support 160 people who will be handed 1 tablet each.

We are making a compassionate appeal to private individuals and organisations who might be interested to support this project, to please donate so we can support this group of people to help improve their financial wellbeing as they navigate through the current living cost crises.

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