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On 21st September 2021 we successfully raised £245 ( + est. £5.00 Gift Aid ) with 10 supporters in 42 days

We are seeking funding to keep the operations of our organisation running smoothly and efficiently and support our growing client base.

by Karen Bain in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Website managing and support with general updating of text and images.  Implementing the videos and accompanying resources and the marketing that this will involve.  Our hope is to run a campaign over 3/4 months where we use a combination of social media, press releases and mail shots to get the message across initially with a further targeted approach which is industry specific to increase our profile and be known as the go to service for debt recovery. 

Our story begins with a dream...


In 2009 our founder, Wendy Fleming woke one morning and wrote down her dream.  It was about how true stewardship comes from using the time, talents and money that we as individuals have.  Using "our gifts" to reach our potential whilst engaging with and empowering others to reach theirs. It was from this point Wendy helped and supported families that would get in contact with her via her day job as a Chartered Financial Planner" and over 5 years she learnt and developed from the people who were in receipt of her help, to which she offered freely. 

After years of building on her knowledge and expertise, she took the plunge and   Ditch Debt with Dignity was born!  


About Us

Ditch Debt with Dignity is an Aberdeen based charity which supports people who are perceived to be financially stable but are privately struggling with their finances, empowering them to have clarity and positivity and a fresh perspective for the future.

Our foundation is built on the following:

1628163214_file104027.jpgWe believe that people in financial crisis should be able to access free support, advice and education to help them put in a manageable plan to repay their debts, giving them hope for the future.

A world where people are not ashamed to ask for help when they are in financial crisis, and that there is free guidance available to anyone who needs it.

1628164108_181112_blog_feature_mission.jpgTo provide free non judgemental, discreet, professional advice and support to people perceived to be financially stable, privately struggling with their finances, empowering them to put a manageable debt repayment plan in place allowing them to have clarity and a positive fresh perspective for the future.

What we do

We provide free, non judgemental, discreet, professional advice by giving our clients a realistic plan in which they can repay their debts.  In addition, we work with them to understand the issues that led to the debt, enabling them to establish a healthier relationship with money and put in place a more secure financial foundation for the future.


Why is it important?

The Ditch Debt with Dignity team are fully aware of the impact that debt has on families.  We take a holistic approach to work with families to identify what additional support may be necessary.  This can include supporting clients to face the personal challenges that have led to their debt problems.  Clients can have tremendous problems facing the reality of the impact on the family.  It can also impact on the clients professional life and cause issues in the workplace.  We are there to provide a solution as well as a safe space to work through the journey, providing support so that the circle does not continue.


What are our plans?

The Ditch Debt with Dignity team are fully committed to providing an excellent service to our clients, funding would enable us to have the technology and support to do so.  It would enable us to provide a better function for initially contacting us through our website, it would assist us to maintain the site for news, updates, blogs and other information useful to our clients .  Moreover, we have compiled a series of videos for individuals to use.  These videos go through the entire process of recovery from debt in great detail, they also include many resources to enable individuals to keep track of their progress.  Funding would enable us to host these free videos on our website and launch an awareness campaign  to ensure individuals were aware of the services we offer and the resources available.


Right now, kindness really does matter.

Throughout the pandemic we have received a surge in requests from people in the Aberdeen and local area who are struggling with their finances.  It has obviously been a very stressful time for many people and even with welcome introduction of furlough, for those people who are just managing, the reduction of money coming in every month has been enough for them to slide into debt.   Worry about the condition they find themselves in and the unknown time span of how long they may be like this has caused great distress to some individuals as well as the unknown situation regarding their future employment.  In a short space of time, they are already finding themselves on a downward spiral with little means of recovering any control.  The Ditch Debt with Dignity team are here to offer support, advice, information and an opportunity to regain some of the power and have a ray of hope going forward.  Our team understands that our interaction with clients and the support of families not only deals with debt management but also the personal aspects of an individual’s life and realise the extent to which this can affect their mental health. 

We have responded to the current situation by producing a range of videos due to be launched in September.  This is a free resource which enables the individual to work on their debt at their own pace using all the resources that we have available.  It will be wider reaching and appropriate for the individual’s needs, choosing the options they want to go with at a time that is suitable for them.   The videos will ensure that no matter what the situation regarding meeting up/ seeing people face to face we will be able to help! No one should feel isolated or alone.

The cost of our service per client/ family is £500.  We do not charge for any of our service as we want to ensure that individuals who are in hardship do not put themselves any further in debt and we also want to be as accessible to all as much as we can.   Our engagement and understanding can progress our clients on to a new path, person centred to their own needs, where they learn to manage themselves and then have the tools in which to keep them free of debt in the years to come.

£500 will allow us to support  a vulnerable family who are in dire need of support financially and mentally. 

Help us make people feel cared for, supported and not alone.

A bit about our team

We are a small, but mighty charity - that's what we like to call ourselves here at Ditch Debt with Dignity! We are a team of three (supported by a fab Board of Trustees).  Our founder Wendy keeps us right and is the back bone of the organisation.  It's her skills and knowledge as a client adviser that ensure that our clients are well looked after and are receiving the best advice and care that we can.


Wendy sporting DDwD's own "We can love each other through anything" rattan bag.

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Our fab Board of trustees!


Help us make people feel cared for, assisted and not alone. 

With your support, we can help more people!

We'd love you to be part of our ever growing! Thank you for taking the time to read about what we do.  

Love from Karen, Wendy & Gill, the team at DDwD & Trustees xx 



1628506813_1628506814210.png"I’m not scared anymore” Ditch Debt client 21/06/2019


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£20 or more

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£50 or more

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