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To provide award-winning climate education in 10 schools so that 400 young people can take positive action on the climate crisis

by Tom from Green Schools Project in London, England, United Kingdom

Who are we?

We're Green Schools Project, and we're on a mission to help schools educate and empower young people to take positive action on the climate crisis.

Over 90% of teachers believe that more should be taught in schools about climate change, but only 25% feel they've had adequate training to do so. Nearly 70% of young people feel 'eco-anxiety' about the climate, but only 4% feel they know 'a lot' about climate change.

We're here to change that!

Read on to find out why  97% of teachers and 94% of young people would recommend Green Schools Project to their peers, and why donating to us will help more schools and young people respond positively to climate change.


What do we do?

Green Schools Project was set up in 2015 by a teacher - Henry, above - frustrated by the lack of good climate education in schools.

Since then we've successfully worked with 285 schools and 5,585 young people across the UK, principally on our Zero Carbon Schools programme.

Zero Carbon Schools is a comprehensive package of resources, training, and support, designed by teachers that helps children and young people measure and reduce their school’s carbon footprint whilst learning about climate change. 

Through Zero Carbon Schools we've also supported over 2,000 teachers to undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training, improving their understanding of climate change and their ability to deliver high-quality climate education in schools.

The programme is in-depth, and we aim to embed climate and nature education into the fabric of school life by having schools take part year-on-year. This ensures positive action on climate change is ever-present in the school community.


How does Green Schools Project benefit young people, schools and communities?

Through our work, we enable young people and their schools to:

  • Take part in 26 high-quality climate education and action sessions to gain a greater understanding of climate change
  • Engage in three outdoor sessions to increase their nature connection and well-being (see next picture!)
  • Use our unique school carbon footprint calculator to calculate their school’s emissions
  • Design and lead their own school carbon footprint reduction projects
  • Showcase their work to their school and their local community

We have monitoring and evaluation in place - mostly surveys and focus groups - which means we know a lot about the positive impact of Green Schools Project. For instance, as a result of the programme:

  • 91% of teachers said their students knowledge about climate change had improved
  • 95% of teachers said their students teamwork and communication skills had improved
  • Young people took 1.2 more regular climate actions each (e.g. eating less meat, walking to school)
  • Schools took 25% more action on climate change (e.g. more recycling, installing solar panels)
  • 89% of teachers felt they had a much better understanding of how to bring climate education into their lessons
  • 97% of teachers would recommend Green Schools Project to other teachers
  • 94% of young people would recommend Green Schools Project to other young people


What do teachers and young people say about Green Schools Project?



Wherever possible, we make the programme free so we can reach schools no matter their financial situation, and all young people get the climate education they deserve.

We want to help more young people and their schools to access these benefits so......


Why are we Crowdfunding?

We are Crowdfunding to enable 10 schools nationwide to take part in our Zero Carbon Schools programme. This will mean that 400 young people  will gain a greater understanding of climate change whilst taking positive action to reduce their schools' carbon footprints.

But why Crowdfunding? Well, we currently have a greater demand from schools for our Zero Carbon Schools programme than we are able to meet. Crowdfunding will enable us to meet this demand and help deliver award-winning climate education to 10 schools and 400 more young people this school year. 

How much do we need?

It costs us £500 per year to support a school to deliver our Zero Carbon Schools programme.

We are a small organisation of five with very low overheads; our principal costs are the staffing time it takes our Programme, Education and Impact Managers to support schools on the programme. We know schools, teachers and young people appreciate this personal, tailored approach and value the time our staff are able to give them.

So, very simply, we want to fund our small team to work in 10 schools this school year:

10 x £500 = our £5,000 target!

Even better, every donation is match-funded by Aviva, which means your money goes even further to helping us empower schools and young people to respond positively to the climate crisis.

We would be most grateful for your support and welcome any donation you are able to provide.

Thank you!

Tom and the Green Schools Project team


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

Shout Out!

If you donate £25, we'll give you - or your company - a direct shout out on social media.

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Official supporter!

If you donate £100, we'll list you - or your company - on our website as an official supporters, in addition to giving you a shout out on social media.

£150 or more

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Nominate a School!

If you donate £150, we'd like to invite you to nominate a school for us to work with. We'll then take this forward with the school themselves and endeavour to get them involved on the programme this or next school year. Oh, and of course you'll get a shout out on social media and listed on our website as an official supporter too!

£250 or more

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CPD Training!

If you donate £250, we will organise a Continuing Professional Development training session for a nominated school or educational institution, relating to climate education and action. And of course, we'll give you a shout out on social media and list you as an official support on our website. Because this amount is matched by Aviva it also funds us to work with one school for one year!

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