Food Provision to Disadvantaged Children

by Kate Williams in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

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We are looking to secure income to help fund our provision of free, freshly cooked hot meals to all the children that attend our playground.

by Kate Williams in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

If successful, the additional funding would be spent on more gardening and cookery workshops for the children and the creation of a cultural recipe book reflecting a range of meals from around the globe.

APE is an acronym for Art, Play, Environment and these are the three key principles that drive our mission to enhance the lives of children and young people through the provision of open access, freely chosen play opportunities and quality activities.

We aim to deliver supportive environments and workshops for children and young people promoting creative problem solving, sense of self worth, co-operative learning, resilience, risk taking, social skills. We provide stimulating, challenging, exciting and educational experiences in a safe, open space where children feel valued and supported.

 In 2017 the APE Project took on the management and running of St. Pauls Adventure Playground through a Community Asset Transfer from Bristol City Council.  Our playground is a space where people come together - a neutral family focused centre, which helps people makes friends, breaks down barriers and eases tensions between disparate communities.

Since the adventure playground was taken over by the APE Project we have grown from 12 registered families to over 700. We create a climate for children to participate in activities in a variety of concerns: ecology, recycling and sustainability, life skills, bicycle maintenance, art, design, craft, invention, gardening, and cooking. Our facilities are fully inclusive and open to all. Recent monitoring figures show that: 

  • 70% of our users are classed as BME / 40% identify as Somali or Somali British 
  • over 50% live in social housing / 40% of users live in flats
  • 32% are single parent families and 49% are in receipt of benefits.

We provide every child that attends with a hot, freshly cooked meal. The children are often involved in the cooking process or help our volunteer gardeners harvest a variety of food from our vegetable plots.

The benefits of this service are far reaching - including: 

* better health

* reduction in childhood food insecurity

* nutritious food helps improve diet and combat obesity

* healthy meals improve academic performance and behaviour

* supports low income families

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