Giving troubled youngsters a Second Chance!

by Second Chance Childrens Charity in Titchfield, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Giving troubled youngsters a Second Chance!

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Giving troubled youngsters a Second Chance! Changing the world... one child at a time

by Second Chance Childrens Charity in Titchfield, Hampshire, United Kingdom

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The youngsters that we work with have very little help from any other sources and many groups and organisations have already given up on them, by the time that they come to us.   We will not give up on these youngsters and will support them until they no longer need us.

These additional funds will be used for funding additional bank repairs to prevent future flooding and erosion to banks and pathways.

The objects of the charity are to relieve and educate young people who are in need because of adverse environmental, domestic, social or economic circumstances by providing facilities or other resources so as to develop their physical, mental and spiritual capacities that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society and that their conditions of life may be improved.

The children we work with come from three main backgrounds in roughly equal proportions.  They may have been abused, sexually, physically or mentally. They may come from a poverty stricken background in, usually an inner-city area.  They may have learning difficulties.  This is a bit of an overgeneralisation for instance, some may have all three situations thrust upon them at the same time!  These children carry their disability on the inside; they do not generate sympathy from those they meet.  We consider them to be amongst the most disadvantaged group of people in Britain today.  

For 40 years we have worked in an innovative and original way; using angling to hang our educational, social and personal welfare work on.   Not always the most politically correct, we believe in setting guidelines and directions for our young people.  Working with whoever is referred to us, regardless of colour, gender, has meant that some more politically correct bodies such as the National Lottery or The Government have often ignored us.  The Charity is about individuals and we would do it all for one child.  We live in worrying times but we believe in Second Chance we have some of the answers.

We are unique in our approach to the work that we undertake, especially in the fact that we do not charge for our services, and will work with as many of the youngsters referred to us as possible.  Many of these youngsters are on their last chances when they come to us, with many other organisations having already given up on them.

The youngsters attend our rural centre a day a week, and work with our staff participating in various activities including fishing, wood work projects, raft building, looking after our livestock.  whilst working with our staff learning life and communication skills.  

Our rural centre is unique as it has a nature reserve, a chalk stream running through the land, and is home to a wide variety of flora, fauna, mammals and birds.   We work with the youngsters that come to us to teach them about and improve our rural centre.  This area has 3 lakes, 2 rivers, wetlands, agricultural land, and old garden centre site.  Our project is to protect and improve this special place.  We will be planting species of trees, plants to encourage wildlife to make their homes here, and undertaking bank and pathway repairs, so that we can reduce the damage to the site moving forward and to improve the site for future generations.

The nature reserve and wetlands are a vital habitat for native species that need these environments to live and thrive.  These environments also benefit the youngsters that we work with as often there time with us is there only time outside in nature and away from screens of computer games, phones and TV's.  We protect these environments whilst teaching the youngsters the importance of them and how to protect and improve them for the creatures that call it home.

Funds raised will be used to enable us and the youngsters that we work with to improve this special place for those attending with us today and in the future as well as it's natural inhabitants.

We will be purchasing saplings, shrubs, bubs, plants which will be planted on the nature reserve around the wetlands to encourage insects, birds and small mammal's.  We will be purchasing materials including chalk, chestnut fence posts, hardcore etc.  to allow us to undertake bank repairs and pathway repairs around the site, as well as repairing and making new swims around the lakes for the youngsters to fish from.   All of this is required to prevent future flooding and damage/erosion to the banks.

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