Hanover School New Garden Classroom

by Friends of Hanover in London, England, United Kingdom

Hanover School New Garden Classroom

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With your help, we are building an outdoor garden classroom on an unused rooftop space at Hanover Primary School.

by Friends of Hanover in London, England, United Kingdom

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 New stretch target

Our stretch target funds will enable us to expand and enhance the New Garden Classroom project, allowing us to create an even more robust and multifaceted learning environment for the students at Hanover Primary School. Here's how we plan to utilize the additional funds:

  • Expansion of the Garden Space: The stretch target will allow us to extend the garden area into other areas in the school, providing more room for diverse plant species, additional learning stations, and interactive spaces. This expansion will enable us to accommodate more students and offer a wider variety of educational experiences.
  • Enhanced Curriculum and Educational Programs: The stretch target will support the development of an even more comprehensive curriculum tailored to the expanded garden space. We'll be able to create supplementary educational materials, bring in expert speakers, and organize workshops to provide a more in-depth and diverse learning experience for the students.
  • Community Engagement Initiatives: These funds will enable us to involve the wider community in the project. We can organize events, workshops, and open days to showcase the New Garden Classroom, inviting parents, local residents, and other schools to participate. Community involvement fosters a sense of ownership and pride, creating a more vibrant and sustainable educational ecosystem.
  • Maintenance and Long-Term Sustainability: A portion of the stretch target will be allocated to the ongoing maintenance of the garden, ensuring its sustainability. This includes funds for regular maintenance, the replacement of tools and materials, and the implementation of eco-friendly practices to minimize the garden's environmental impact.

By reaching the stretch target, we can turn the New Garden Classroom into a comprehensive, well-equipped, and enduring educational space that will benefit generations of students, teachers, and the wider community.

Your continued support will help us reach this extended vision and provide an even more enriching educational experience at Hanover Primary School. Thank you for being a part of this journey and contributing to the growth and development of our children.


At Hanover believe that every child deserves an innovative and inspiring environment to learn and grow. That's why we are excited to introduce our vision for a New Rooftop Garden Classroom at Hanover Primary School. This unique initiative aims to transform an underutilized space into a thriving educational hub, benefiting the entire school community.

Our goal is to create an engaging, sustainable, and hands-on learning space that fosters curiosity, environmental stewardship, and healthy living. With your support, we can turn this vision into reality.

The New Garden Classroom will serve as a dynamic outdoor laboratory where students can immerse themselves in nature while learning about various subjects. From science and biology to nutrition and sustainability, this space will offer a multifaceted educational experience that complements the traditional classroom setting.

Here's what the New Garden Classroom will offer:

  • Interactive Learning: Students will engage in practical lessons, exploring plant growth, ecosystem dynamics, and the importance of biodiversity firsthand. This will enrich their understanding of science and the environment.
  • Healthy Living Education: Teaching children about growing and consuming fresh produce promotes healthier eating habits. It's an opportunity to educate them on nutrition, agriculture, and the importance of a balanced diet.
  • Environmental Awareness: The garden will emphasize sustainability practices, teaching kids about composting, water conservation, and reducing their ecological footprint. These lessons will inspire future generations to become environmentally conscious citizens.
  • Holistic Development: Beyond academics, the garden will encourage teamwork, responsibility, and creativity. Students will learn to collaborate, problem-solve, and appreciate the value of hard work and patience.

However, to make this vision a reality, we need your support. Your contribution will go towards acquiring necessary gardening supplies, building materials for raised beds, irrigation systems, educational resources, and the transformation of the rooftop area into a safe, vibrant, and stimulating space for the students.

By supporting this project, you are investing in the education and future of our children. Every donation, big or small, will make a significant impact. Together, we can create a lasting educational legacy for generations of students at Hanover Primary School.


For six weeks only, our project is live on the Aviva Wild Isles Crowdfunder page. Until 21 December, all donations via this page up to £250 will be 2:1 match funded by Aviva. You can only donate once to this scheme to qualify for match funding.

This means, if you donate: 

        -   £10, the school gets £30 

        -   £50, the school gets £150 

        -   £250, the school gets £750 

Aviva will match donations 2:1 up to £15,000, and 1:1 for donations above this target. The fund will expire once £1M has been match funded across the UK - so time is of the essence.

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