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On 4th August 2023 we successfully raised £15,043 with 95 supporters in 42 days

Rewild an outdoor therapy space on a barren plot of land to encourage reconnection, relationships and well-being through nature and nurture

by TRACIE FAA in Berwick-upon-Tweed, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

If we exceed our target we will purchase a covered wooden shelter so that people can sit and enjoy the peaceful space and tranquillity without getting wet.

anything beyond that will enable us to expand our services and offer more spaces for those that need to access our open spaces, nature and therapies.

Who are we?

 Nurtured in Nature CIC alongside sister Company Turn About Pegasus (TAP)  provides a therapeutic, non-judgmental environment using a relational model utilising the natural environment and contributing to biodiversity and natural land management, to help Individuals, specified groups and the wider community to make positive changes and work towards employability and good physical and mental health and contribute to the environment and towards net zero.

Wild garlic woods, natural food right here in nature


We specialise in the provision of a range of therapies, alternative education and skills towards employability for children,  young people, their families and the wider community. We are grounded in Eco Therapy and provide high-quality interventions and services delivered by qualified registered mental health professionals, Youth Workers ethologists and equine and canine behaviour specialists in collaboration with partner agencies. Our highly specialised services include Care farming, Outdoor play therapy, Family Play Therapy, Individual Play Therapy, Filial Therapy, Outdoor Life Story therapy, Animal Assisted Therapies, Nature Based clinical hypnotherapy and EMDR, foraging for health, forest schools for all ages, Zoopharmacology,  Horticulture and permaculture, Outdoor education, and skills training and certifications, social education, Nature Therapy and Bushcraft

  Since we began in 2006  (incorporating as TAP in 2011( we have assisted 2150 people by providing nature-based services.

special spaces  


We  aim to support ourselves financially by training therapists internationally in Filial Therapy and Animal Assisted Play Therapy, Life story therapy and Animal, ethology, Welfare and Behaviour for a range of professionals including Behaviourists, therapists, and private horse owners in a peaceful confidential therapeutic space on a small farm in rural North Northumberland. Funding for our services from Local Authorities, Education, Health and private funders.  Hiring out farm and mobile venues and partnering with other providers to provide a wider range of interventions. The directors have a proven history of expertise, success and partnership collaboration. All profits from training are invested back into providing subsidised or free therapeutic services.

Trainees in our equine enrichment, scent work calming signals and behaviour course. Foraging for the horses. Pilgrim the Pony cannot wait to choose from his smorgasbord 1687257210_resized_image_for_foraging_.jpg

We all live in the rural area we wish to provide services for. We understand and have experienced the differences between the resources available in even a small rural town to the resources available in rural areas where there is no public transport, no shops, or safe space to go to. Our ex-service users, local volunteers and partners are involved with 'telling us’ What is needed.

The Broader Picture

In collaboration with partner agencies, we provide a range of training towards college points and employability, We plan to develop further courses and collaborate with local colleges and schools to provide recognised qualifications which count towards college and apprenticeship places.

engaging in fire-making skills and outdoor cooking. No matches allowed!!!!!


Natural Art classes


Our History

Recognising that we were mostly known for our equine-partnered services and not the full range of what we offer we wanted to widen our reach.  So in response to demand in August 2020 we formed Nurtured in Nature CIC our sister company to Turn About Pegasus (TAP). TAP has as its core Equine Partnered Education, Therapy, equine activities such as Introduction to Equestrianism, equine rehabilitation, herbal choices and related equestrian sports such as driving, equine ability courses, and horsemanship in an effort to help people take part in activities that would normally be financially excluded from.

  Animal Assisted Play Therapy session. loose pony he gets to choose not the human1687261674_rambo_dragon_slayer_.jpg

 We planned from going from a very much part-time service where staff were providing services whilst still working in their main occupations in social work, community work and education to a full-time service with employees. Director Tracie Faa-Thompson gave up her employment as a specialist social worker in adoption and fostering to pursue the dream of Nurtured in Nature. Unfortunately, none of us could have predicted the longevity of the COVID  pandemic. Due to COVID we were unable to open a bank account and therefore unable to trade. Luckily we were able to provide services through Turn About Pegasus. As we were an outdoor therapy service we were able to carry on with family sessions right in the heart of lockdown and out the other end. AT LASTin May 2023 we opened our OUTdoors and began trading.

You can take a group of play therapists to water!!!!!! Us Hosting the Cooperative of Outdoor Play Therapy Training August 2021 1687261891_cropped_julie_in_water.jpg

 We have been running rural skills and nature-based activities since 2006 as part of our holistic Nature based therapy interventions. Foraging for Spring, Summer and Autumn ‘fruits’ in hedgerows etc including natures medicines for the horses and dogs who join clients in their programmes. These include foraging for hawthorn berries to lower blood pressure,  rosehips for arthritis etc, nettles etc. etc. Clients love this as they have connections with the animals and want to help them out and love when they ‘chose; what they have picked for them. Both therapists are qualified in Zoopharmacology and help people in their identification and safe harvesting of field, woodland and hedgerow produce and their importance to the continuing health of the environment.  

self foraging in the hedgerows is one of our horse's favourite activities. Cow Parsley is always a hit with Buster aged 26. It's important when foraging not to forage on busy roadsides as the hedgerow species get polluted by passing traffic. 



  • The local community
  • Anyone interested in the natural environment, sustainability and the local ecosystem.  
  •  Anyone who feels their mental health and wellbeing has been negatively affected.
  • People who are financially excluded from services which they would benefit from
  • Those not in Employment or education. 
  • The natural environment, flora and fauna and habitats
  • People interested in learning new nature-based skills in a supportive environment 

We can only achieve this by working together 



1) Allow Nature with our support to reclaim this barren space 

 2) Bring different communities together so we can all learn from each other.  

2) provide opportunities to  learn about their local eco-system and contribute to its upkeep

3) Engage people in exploring and thinking about how local Biodiversity can bring benefits to the area for the health and well-being of its residents.

4) Recruit more volunteers of all ages

5) teach others about foraging, rewilding and natural crafts. 

6) Provide a therapeutic space where anyone can sit, wander and contemplate whilst listening to birds, insects and the many sounds of the natural environment. 

7) Allow people to easily access  LOCAL confidential therapeutic venues with a range of services and providers so that they don't have to travel miles to 'fit' into a programme where there is evidence of high dropout rates due to inaccessibility and unaffordability. Focus on upskilling people to increase chances of new opportunities, education, employability and social connection. This will also assist with the carbon footprint.

help us open the gateways for access to all. A new gateway to our already rewilded space. 

1687262991_new_gate_.jpgOur Plans with your support

 Although we are delighted to have our wonderful small farm there is lots of work to be done. Our already rewilded part of the farm is higher up the farm and hard to access for those of us who might struggle with mobility. The part of the land we want to rewild is accessed just off a quiet road. 

  We want to turn this barren neglected piece of land which until recently was home to non-native species and a dilapidated tumble-down shed  Into an accessible outdoor rewilded therapeutic space for all to freely enjoy where native species can regrow again as they have on the other parts of the farm. 

we want to change this .....



to this......


What we need

  • Lots of good quality topsoil and organic fertilizer.  
  • specialist wildflower and wild species mixes bespoke to replicate what native species would grow naturally in the area.
  • Stock proof fencing to keep the stock we dont want out and still allow the native wildlife in. 
  • 4 wheelchair-accessible wide gates, set at different areas of the land so that people can arrive and leave via different routes so less footfall and more privacy for people
  • Strategically placed benches made by a local wood sculptor from trees felled by Storm Arwen
  • If we are lucky enough to gain some extra funding a wooden seated covered shelter so people can still sit and enjoy the view and stay dry.

 Storm Arwen Benches 

These two benches in our local community were made by a talented local young artist Tom Fiddes from trees felled by storm Arwen.

The smiling gentleman on the bench walking the St Cuthberts way was from Georgia USA and was grateful for the bench as a resting spot in such a wonderful spot. 1689706311_man_on_bench_resized_.jpg


Why we need to educate the community to help protect our spaces

Overgrazing and overstocking of our natural habitats are one of the greatest dangers with land getting poached and damaging the delicate ecosystem. We have already lost many species. We love our horses but this will be a horse-free zone.  Scientific research states that horses need at least two to two and a half acres per horse to maintain both equine and land welfare depending of course on the size of the horse. We have a stable herd of 6 horses on 24 acres. 

One of our organic hay meadows


Our Philosophy with our animals - Choice not Control 

Our horses have all lived together for many years in a settled band. Clients do not ride our horses as that goes against our core philosophy of partnership equal relationships and choices. All our sessions unless raining are held on grass so that as trickle feeders they have the choice to graze. Our horses are lightly trained via positive reinforcement methods only. 

level 2 Animal Assisted Play Therapy Training. Horses choosing to be part of the activity. No restraints they are free to leave if they want 


Our Team 

Our staff and directors are qualified therapists,  Ethologists, Youth workers and canine and equine specialists.  The therapists are qualified to MA/MSc levels and are members of professional therapeutic bodies and adhere to their ethical and professional standards and procedures. We have a rapidly expanding team of volunteers of all ages including our young ambassadors. 

team members reminding us all it's time to wake up and smell the flowers!!!



Please Give what you can.

Please get behind us and support this important project…

You can choose a donation to suit your budget.

This crowdfunding is part of the ‘Save Our Wild Isles’ campaign, meaning that all donations of up to £250 will be tripled!* So, for every £1 you donate, the project will receive £3, making this the perfect time to support a project that means so much.

*Please note: donations of up to £250 will be tripled until we reach a  NEW total of £15,000!!!!!! . Any funds raised beyond our target will support the ongoing work.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and in anticipation of your donation so that we can continue to develop our wild spaces for the benefit of all. We would also love to welcome you to visit us and find your own special quiet space. 

Donate today and make a big difference!
 Thank you for your support



We are grateful for the support already pledged for our wider Project aims including The National Lottery Community Fund, Coping with Cancer,  Thriving Together, The Co-op community fund, The Ballinger Trust, Disability Rights UK Tackling Inequalities Fund, Northumberland Community Chest and the Woodland Trust.

Sunset over the poppies 


 And thank the following for support in the way of letters of support and advice for our new therapy and education centre and our travelling therapy and community meet-up centre, these include the Glendale Gateway Trust, Citizens Advice, Northumberland Community Voluntary Action, RISE,  Cooperative of Outdoor Play Therapists, Northumberland Pride, Northumberland Community Foundation, Northumberland Vine, Rural Us and our rapidly growing number of volunteers. 

The horses are letting the humans get on with it!! No dress-up for them but these Level 1 trainee AAPT therapists are having a whale of a time


Thanks to those who commission our services including Northumberland County Council, Local schools, NHS Green Social subscribers Northumberland and Tyneside MIND and partner agencies.  For all those who have already pledged a range of native wild plants and herbs.  If we have missed anyone we apologise we cannot thank you enough for your continuing support


Award-winning Animal Assisted Play Therapy Book signed copy by both authors. Half price than on Amazon  limited number available 



Up to 50 bales of this year's organic hay sold out last year to one lucky buyer (photo last years crop)


Applied Herbal Choices for dogs and Applied herbal choices for Horses

engage in an applied herbal choice in-depth session for either your dog or a horse. Sheree and Tracie have diplomas in Zoopharmacology and can help your precious animals by allowing them to choose the natural remedies that they would do in the wild for their ailments and everyday stressors that affect their lives. In our travels, we have found many animals seeking out oils and herbs for stress and anxiety related illnesses. Let the animals decide for themselves sometimes us humans dont always know best.

Foraged and dried rosehips have many uses for humans and animals. Remember not to take too many, leave some for the birds.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£40 or more

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Animal Assisted Play Therapy Book

Signed copy of the Maxwell Award winning Animal Assisted Play Therapy Book Signed by both authors. This book is retailing on Amazon for £80 (see picture below) This book is not just for therapists but for anyone who loves their animals and cares deeply about understanding more about how to enrich the human-animal bond.

£20 or more

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£20 Reward

Parents handbook of Filial Therapy. This handbook is a must for therapists who want to integrate the full original Guerney model Filial Therapy into your practice and learn more how the model works with parents. Valuable to parents who want to know more about Filial Therapy and the importance of child-led play sessions for enhancing whole family relationships

£30 or more

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5FT organic hay bales

This year's organic hay bales are mixes of grasses and herbs no ryegrass. Last years sold out to one lucky buyer. Book yours now

£40 or more

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Applied Herbal Choices Session for Horses

half-price Zoopharmagology session. Zoopharmacognosy is the process by which animals naturally forage and self-select plants and plant extracts to self-medicate. It is the subject of a number of scientific studies. Equine-pharmacognosy allows Horses to choose remedies that they would do in nature. This provides a behavioural method of helping animals via allowing them to choose natural remedies facilitated by a qualified Zoopharmacologist

£40 or more

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Applied Herbal Choices for Dogs

half-price Zoopharmagology session. Zoopharmacognosy is the process by which animals naturally forage and self-select plants and plant extracts to self-medicate. It is the subject of a number of scientific studies. Canine-pharmacognosy allows dogs to choose remedies that they would do in nature. This provides a behavioural method of helping animals via allowing them to choose natural remedies facilitated by a qualified Zoopharmacologist

£30 or more

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Book Calming signals for horses

signed copy of the book Calming signals for Horses. See the main project description. A must for every horse owner and equine professional.

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