Improving employability of refugees and minorities

by Mark Fritzgerald in Preston, England, United Kingdom

Improving employability of refugees and minorities

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To promote financial wellbeing and raise living standards

by Mark Fritzgerald in Preston, England, United Kingdom

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World-Wide Life Enhancement Facility has a proven track record of transforming the lives of "Refugees, Asylum seekers and the Black and Asian Minorities (BAME) from Lancashire and the wider region. 

We are integral to the community of minorities who need help with integrating within the UK society. We give vulnerable people / Refugees and the black and Asian minorities the tools to rebuild their lives. The aid and support given follow individuals in their journey through to regaining the confidence and ability to enter employment. As a charity, we constantly adapt and learn to ensure that the best possible support is delivered to those who come to us for help. 

In the UK and generally, a refugee is someone who has been granted sanctuary or protection. They are issued with residence and work permits to start a new life here in the UK, these are our service users and we work for them as a registered charity.

90% of them are not competent in the English language, therefore finding it extremely difficult to integrate into the UK society without our assistance. Our core activities include the help to integrate these refugees who are a minority by organizing integration courses for them.

We do this through various steps

 In our integration project, we offer English language courses at the ESOL level (English for Speakers of Other Languages). We teach them English language for them to become proficient in both spoken and written English and only so can the be able to integrate in the UK society, They will not be able to integrate without the knowledge of English.

Secondly, we offer them computer lessons. The computer lessons project is intended to give them (our service users who are refugees and minorities ethnic groups) an in-depth understanding of the various parts of a laptop and how to operate and use a laptop and how to install the operating systems and Microsoft applications. We also teach them how to use the basic applications such as Microsoft word, how to create PDF documents and the usage of printers. These are the very basic computer skills needed to be ale to  go digital.

Thirdly, we have a Digital (internet project). We teach our service users how to surf the net. We teach them how to create and use their own email addresses. We also show them various job search engines and teach them how to search for jobs online in The UK. As part of the digital (Internet) project, we help make CVs for them and also teach them how to do standard CVs by themselves using the basic computer skills they achieved from our computer lessons.

Fourthly, we offer them the "Employment project". During this project, we teach them how to attend job interviews in the UK. We teach them how to behave during face to face and also online interviews. We tell them the basic questions they can expect from a job interviewer. We make them aware of the types of behaviors they should expect from an interviewer. We teach them the type of questions they should be able to ask when attending job interviews.

Therefore, our service users will be fully integrated into the UK society. They can at least express themselves in English, they can ask questions whenever need be, they can go shopping and develop more confidence in themselves.

Most importantly, they are able do online job searches, apply for jobs and successfully attend job interviews. At this level, their employability is enhanced whereby they become financially independent and their living standards raised.

The money raised through this campaign will allow us to continue our support and engage with as many people as possible. The cost of living crisis is affecting everyone. However, we work with the part of the community it is hitting the hardest. As our bills and expenses increase, so do the people who need our help and support. Raising as much as possible will ensure that the vital support we offer for the most vulnerable in our society (refugees and the minorities ethnic groups) will continue. Many of the people we support have suffered through horrible treatment. Please consider donating and sharing this appeal. If you require any more information about our project please email [email protected]


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Increasing employability

Increasing employability and raising living standards for refugees and the minorities ethnic groups in Lancashire. We do this by offering various projects in our integration course.

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