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Weekly litter picking as well as gardening & nature walks within the Longsight and surrounding areas to make Longsight more scenic and tidy

by Better We CIC in Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

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On the 30th October 2023 we'd raised £610 with 4 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

Any extra funds will be reinvested back into our project, we will recruit more volunteers and expand our work beyond Longsight!

Our Vision

Here at Better We our main aim is to improve the social, physical, and mental well-being of our community. We currently offer a variety of free services such as weekly Luncheon club, Youth club, Women's fitness, Men's club, Wellbeing courses and many more to suit the needs of the community. 

We believe being conscious of the environment plays a key part in the well-being of the community, and with our Litter Picking project we have combined both improving physical and mental-wellbeing along with improving our environment.

At Better We CIC, we believe the environment in which we live in should be kept tidy and clean. Not only is this a great service to ensure the environment and biodiversity is kept safe, but it is also important for the people in the community’s health to live in a well-kept environment.

What our project will involve

Our project will involve weekly litter picking as well as gardening within the Longsight and surrounding areas. Our ultimate goal is to transform Longsight into a cleaner and more picturesque environment for its residents. 

To achieve this vision, we require additional resources such as litter picking equipment, high-visibility jackets, safe glass handling tools, various types of litter collection tools to accommodate different abilities and disabilities, and more volunteers support our work!

If you're interested in volunteering or have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out to us! Our incredible volunteers are the driving force behind the significant impact we're making!

How we aim to use the funds

At present, we lack our own litter picking equipment and have insufficient supplies for our dedicated volunteers, as we've previously relied on borrowed items from the council. With the allocated funds, we plan to invest in various essential resources, including litter picking equipment, gardening tools, flowers/seeds, outdoor gear such as walking boots, raincoats, umbrellas, and backpacks for our volunteers. Additionally, we intend to procure high-visibility jackets, safe glass handling tools, and provide a small contribution to our hardworking volunteers to cover their transportation expenses as a token of appreciation for their commitment.

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