Keeping People and Pets Together

by The Pettifor Trust in Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom

We did it
On 23rd March 2021 we successfully raised £4,750 with 137 supporters in 35 days

To cover the start up costs of this new community run project to enable vulnerable people to keep their companion pets in times of hardship.

by The Pettifor Trust in Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Any additional funding we receive will be put towards the cost of a small van to be used as an animal ambulance.  Currently we rely on volunteers' transport.  To have our own specially adapted van with our logo, together with the logo of any funding partners, would be our dream come true.  

1612354503_geroge_(1).jpegThis is David with his dog, George.  David has advanced Parkinson's Disease.  George is his main companion and he needs help to care for him including feeding and walking.  The Pettifor Trust pays for George's veterinary bills.  Our project will help more people like David, many of whom live alone, to care for their pets in times of hardship, and to help keep them together so that dogs like George do not have to be rehomed.  Having to give up a much loved companion pet can be heartbreaking for the dogs and their owners.  

Every year we help many people facing financial hardship to pay for veterinary bills and, as a result, people turn to us when they need help to care for their pets.  This current pandemic has been especially hard for people who are ill, elderly, unemployed, isolating alone or facing financial hardship. 

People depend on their pets more than ever during difficult times and the mental health benefits of interactions with animals helps combat loneliness, depression and anxiety.  This project aims to prevent pets from being re-homed by supporting people in times of hardship and to keep people and their pets together.

The money raised will provide the start up funding for our new project

Keeping People and Pets Together will:

  • Establish a pet ambulance service for the elderly, ill and vulnerable members of the community to take animals to veterinary surgeons or, if an owner sadly passes away, to take their animal to a suitable sanctuary for rehoming whenever possible.
  • Start a Pet Food Bank which will be operated from our two charity shops in Swansea.
  • Provide a telephone advice/helpline service for those struggling to care for their pets and who are at risk of having them rehomed. 

 Keeping People and Pets Together will reduce the need for animals to be rehomed, relieving pressure on our local animal sanctuaries who have struggled to cope with the demands on their services during the pandemic and will continue to do so for some time to come. The project will be run by our volunteers for the benefit of the community.  This project has arisen as a result of the current pandemic but has highlighted an on-going need within the community which we will then be able to meet. 

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