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We did it
On 21st September 2021 we successfully raised £16,883 ( + est. £47.50 Gift Aid ) with 301 supporters in 42 days

Supporting homeless people and underprivileged families with basic essentials such as food, sanitary products, clothing and conversation.

by Laura McSorley - Kindness Homeless Street Team in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

How it all started

The charity started small with just myself and a few friends and family making food and handing it out to homeless people in Glasgow.  Then Covid hit and there were no shoppers in the street to give a pound or buy a sandwich - things got desperate for many people...that's when I knew we had to up our game.  

I now have 80 volunteers, from all walks of life,  who give their time to support our soup kitchen and various events and support for those in need...


How we help now

Times are tough and we aim to bring a touch of #kindness to hundreds of homeless and vulnerable people within Glasgow. We do this in many ways...

  • Our soup kitchen opens 3 nights a week (in all weather!) and gives those people hot and cold food, toiletries, clothing and food parcels
  • Our volunteers walk the streets handing out food and essential supplies to homeless
  • We provide families (currently 40 families every week) with food parcels 
  • Our drop-in centre is open 6 days a week, where people can come for emergency clothing and supplies, having been referred from other major charities such as addiction support

We also…

  • Provide school uniforms for under privileged kids and run events for kids and communities including street clean-up events with prizes
  • Help people with housing and benefit applications and put them in touch with support networks and charities relevant to their needs 
  • Collecting and delivering furniture and household essentials to those who are in need, also decorating and making accommodation liveable 
  • Run campaigns & events to raise awareness of mental health, addiction and poverty issues including our recent ‘Recovery Walk’
  • Involve former homeless and addicts in our charity volunteer pool – giving them a purpose and a family (80% of our core volunteers have come from a challenging or deprived background)
  • Events including ‘Haircuts for the homeless’ which 50 people take advantage of every month, and a Christmas dinner and a gift event for 200 people
  • Most importantly, we treat everyone with the utmost respect and kindness…no matter their circumstances!


How much it all costs

The below list will give you a feel for just how much it costs to keep the charity running with an average spend of £7,500 every month and how every penny you can spare will really help those who need it most.

  • A food parcel: £6
  • 1 night soup kitchen: £250
  • A school uniform: £50-£70
  • Run the van for a week: £220 per week
  • Decorating / carpeting a flat: £400 per property approx
  • Christmas essentials for a family:  £300 per family
  • Buy a van: 15k

Our Ambition

Continue all the fantastic work we already do, as well as...

  • Start employing our street friends and core staff to ensure the essential running of the operation is always covered.  
  • Open a charity shop offering 1 to 1 support for people getting back into employment.  This will include a mentoring service and will cover all aspects of key transferable skills.  
  • Secure additional premises, to be able to offer another drop off point for donations and more greatly needed support functionalities for our friends.  

To hear more about the project, watch Laura (Kindness founder) being interviewed on YouTube:  GGC Charity Spotlight: Kindness Homeless Street Team - YouTube 

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