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We are raising money to grow more trees in our two community tree nurseries with the help of our volunteers and local community.

by Moor Trees in South Brent, England, United Kingdom

National Emergencies Trust Local Action Fund

We’re taking part in the National Emergencies Trust Local Action Fund. Donations to our project will be matched by the fund up to the value of £250 per donation to help us overcome the effects of the pandemic.

Please note only one donation per supporter will be matched by the National Emergencies Trust Local Action Fund.

Moor Trees grows more trees for Dartmoor and South Devon.

For over 20 years Moor Trees has helped to restore the balance between humankind and nature by planting new native woodland around Dartmoor and the South Devon enabling people to re-engage with trees and natural environments. We grow local provenance trees in our community tree nurseries from locally collected seed, and run research, education and training programmes with partner schools, colleges and universities. We build biodiversity by working with local people and run at least three volunteer days per week, having won various national volunteering awards. 


Volunteers, community groups and local businesses, support our mission to enhance the forest heritage and restore natural and native character woodland, by:

  • Advocating native forest re-creation, bringing attention to the loss of the natural environment and working with others to restore that heritage.
  • Designing, planning and creating high quality woodlands, and associated habitats, for individuals and communities, using our extensive team of volunteers.
  • Collecting local-provenance seeds to grow in our community tree nurseries.


Founded in 2000, our achievements include: 

  • Over 120,000 trees planted, across 110 ha of woodland
  • Creation of 110+ woodlands and management of 2 tree nursery sites
  • Over 150,000 acorns collected, plus 80,000 seeds of other species, including Hazel, Alder, Birch, Rowan, Hawthorn, Crab Apple, and Guelder Rose
  • Over 2000 tree dedications from individuals
  • Over 150 volunteering days every year with an average 11 volunteers per day, including corporate organisations

We will use your funding towards growing more trees in our two community tree nurseries. We currently grow 50,000 trees a year, but we want to increase the amount we grow to fight climate change and to meet demand. We aim to grow 60,000 trees a year, which will create enough woodland to create over 100 football pitches!

A long line of tree planting volunteers

Each year we would be able to capture 30,000 tonnes of atmospheric CO2, helping to fight climate change and provide essential habitat for flora and fauna.

We will be using your donations towards purchasing materials to grow more trees like compost, tools, equipment, and towards employing staff to teach volunteers and community groups how to grow more trees!


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