Domestic Violence & Abuse Prevention Workshops

by LMK (Let Me Know) in London, England, United Kingdom


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To fund workshops with teens across London, teaching them the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviours, so they avoid abuse.

by LMK (Let Me Know) in London, England, United Kingdom

LMK  - Building Happy Lives Through Healthy Relationships

What advice would you give your younger self about relationships?  Looking back, are there some people that you should have left sooner? Are there some relationships that now seem unhealthy?  Are there some behaviours that you should have seen as warning signs, or red flags, sooner?  Of course there are!  We all have them. Hindsight is an amazing thing.  But LMK is here to make sure there are fewer regrets and that more young people thrive in their relationships.

At LMK we work with young people to teach them how to build positive, healthy relationships free from abuse.  We offer a workshops programme with trained specialists, where young people are taught to spot and stop unhealthy relationship behaviours in themselves and others, using the 10 Signs.  We cover practical tips on setting boundaries, consent and breaking up safely from an abusive relationship, so young people can keep themselves and their friends safe. All of this forms the basis a prevention programme against domestic violence, relationship abuse and sexual assault for young people aged 11-18 years.

"I learnt what an unhealthy relationship looks like and that you shouldn't stay with someone if you think you are in an unhealthy relationship." Year 10 Student: UCL Academy

"Since the workshop, I've definitely seen them using what they learned in real life.  They'll come to me and tell me something happened, and how they responded - they know better now what they should accept and what they shouldn't.  It's really opened their eyes." Teacher, St Mary Magdalene Academy

 The demand for our workshops is really high - particularly after Ofsted's review into sexual abuse in schools and the revelations of Everyone's Invited, where 50,000 sexual assault testimonies were received in a couple of months.  We are only limited by our funding.  Simply put, every extra £16 means another child goes through an LMK workshop and is taught how to spot and stop unhealthy relationship behaviours in themselves and others.


In our first year, we worked with 1000 young people, working in partnership with18 partner organisations across 3 London boroughs - that's something work celebrating! This year we want to help even more and spread our services across London.  It costs just £16 to fund a child through one of LMK's workshops.  We are hoping to raise £2,500 to give 150 teens the tools they need to thrive in their relationships.  

We work in small groups - creating a safe space for young people to have meaningful conversations.  They discuss ideas, recount experiences and rehearse scenarios in an environment that allows everyone to feel heard.


We work with 18 partner organisations including schools, youth groups, community organisations, pupil referral units, sports clubs and homeless services for young people.  And the list is growing across London.


Please take a look at our website to find out more: or get in touch on to ask any questions.  We would love to hear from you!


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