Money Buddies - Here At Times of Money Worries

by Money Buddies in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

We did it
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To help people break free from poverty and problem debt by providing emergency FREE money advice, financial inclusion and capability support

by Money Buddies in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

How to Avoid Sleepless Nights Over Money Worries

Research shows that it takes on average over 12 months for someone with money worries to pluck up courage for help and support, often suffering from anxious sleepless nights, stress, emotional lows and severe mental health- while at the same time having a poor quality of life which can affect their families and personal lives.

Clients tell us that the reasons they didn’t come for help sooner was because, they were too embarrassed, ashamed, felt guilty and stupid for getting into a financial mess. That they should have known better. Others feel there’s no light at the end the tunnel so why bother.

Nobody Should FEEL Alone At Times of Crisis ... Millions have the Same Problem too

The GOOD NEWS is it doesn’t have to be that way … there’s plenty of things that can be done that can reduce or even get rid of the money worries, so that people can sigh a breath of relief and get on with life.

“One of the most common things a client says to us after seeking help is "they wish they had contacted us earlier." That life wouldn’t have been so difficult and lonely”

There’s a Solution to ANY Money Worry FOR FREE

Money Buddies have the expertise to:

  • Stop bailiffs at the doorstep and before they come
  • Stop evictions - even very late on
  • Stop gas and energy supply disconnections 
  • Stop Court action for debt collection
  • Stop Council Tax and Social Housing Rent Arrears Court and Bailiff action
  • help clients write letters to people they owe money to
  • help clients complete financial statements for creditors
  • help clients complete Trust grant applications for energy and water bill arrears
  • help people see if the Government owes them any entitlement money
  • Report Loan Sharks safely and anonymously
  • Helps people lower their energy bills, get better deals and switch providers

We don’t judge, we don’t tell and we don’t charge 

Our aim is to help people out of poverty, improve their financial wellbeing and empower people who are struggling with managing money. Many of our clients have to worry about heating or eating. Money Buddies help clients do both.

We are part of an independent Charity

In the last 5 years we have helped 8000 people out of problem debt, deal with creditors and have found financial gains or savings of over £5 million for our clients.

We’re Smaller Than We Look to the Rest of The World

We have a wonderful team of dedicated advisers and volunteers who are committed to helping clients, even when some cases are emotionally upsetting because of the difficulties many of our clients are living through. It is worth it though, when a client says thank you for guiding and helping them out of their difficult time and reaching the end of what has been a long, dark tunnel.

In 2017 we won The Centre for Social Justice Debt Award. Last year we were shortlisted by the Institute of Money Advisers as Best Financial Capability Project. As a result people think we’re a big organisation- we aren’t, we have 13 staff plus amazing volunteers supporting us. It's a super team and one we're proud of.

Your Help will Help Us to Keep Going and Help MORE people 

Many of our staff work reduced hours. That’s why we’re asking for your support which will help keep Money Buddies going so that we can help as many people as possible. That could be; face to face in person, telephone, e-mail, webchat, social media messenger or by video such as Zoom. We'd love to see vulnerable clients and those who can't travel, in their homes too.

 We'll also be able to extend out of hours into some evenings, which will make it easier for clients who work to engage with less stress and anxiety. What ever help a client needs we will find the answer. Every penny you pledge will go towards helping people at their time of need.

Thank you for reading this far and please remember;

“If in  any doubt about money worries you can ask a Money Buddy”


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