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On 23rd March 2021 we successfully raised £5,505 with 95 supporters in 35 days

Our initiative provides a range of activities that are environmentally positive, communal and good for health and mental wellbeing

by Kevin Thomas in Hambrook, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We want to use the extra funds to help us scale up our initiative.  It will facilitate the growth of the initiative in a number of ways.  It will allow us to buy more materials and expand our activities,  It will enable us to create develop our links with environmentally positive UK companies and we will highlight them through our Change Makers social media posts.

 We are also developing a number of projects.  We are developing a series of mobile installations focusing on the environmental impact of fast fashion,  bottle and single-use cups waste, and landfill.  This project is  in its planning  phase but will have  a big impact and help engage, inform and hopefully  create change 

1611166862_opm_changemaker_logo.jpgWe launched our Change Maker Initiative last year and have already started to make a real difference. The video above gives you a good idea of what we are currently doing. We need your support to expand the initiative. Even in these Covid times we have made a difference with our initiative creating positive environmental outcomes, bringing people together, improving health and encouraging people to take part in activities that can also be seen to support and improve mental health.   To find out more visit us at www.oneplanetmatters.com

Why support us?

Our Change Maker Initiative   creates change.  Currently we have been creating  a number of Community Orchards in Gloucestershire using traditional Gloucestershire fruit where the local community will be the custodians of the orchards. .Our "Rooted" growing communities  are  bringing people together, to plan, plant, grow and then look after an area that is providing local produce for their local community.   Our aim is to expand our  initiative  and then  link our expanding network of "Rooted" growing communities  & community orchards with local allotments and free food sites to expand local food networks.  Your donation will help  develop  community orchards and provide the materials for the creation of growing communities.  These orchards and "Rooted" growing communities improve biodiversity and provide local produce for the community. When these are situated in urban settings  it also  creates green spaces and  gives  young people a a chance to plan, grow and then eat fresh healthy  fruit and vegetables.

 These activities also help tackle the climate emergency by  reducing carbon and packaging , whilst importantly providing  more people with fresh food which will  lead to less of this1613213940_drastic_plastic.png !!!

All our activities are also based around providing spaces  that  improve health and support   improved mental well being.  Our Community tree planting brings people together, improves biodiversity, and tackles climate change. 

Two young Change Makers.....


 When we are working with schools,  colleges and the wider population, we will also be  using the activities to highlight the way  intensive farming, transportation, and packaging all feed into the climate emergency,  as well as offering information packs on  tree care, pruning and improving biodiversity within a growing area. 

We  want to  build  a  network of change makers  who will make a real difference, but to do this we need to:

1613467496_opm_programme_communityorchards.jpgWork with communities, schools and colleges to provide more       community orchards, and mini orchards as part of our "Rooted" growing communities. These can be created in urban spaces to help green up the locality and  help  children understand the link between food and how it is grown...  and they can eat it! 

1613467548_opm_programme_rootedcommunites.png Work with Communities schools and colleges to help them set up plan   and run their own "Rooted" growing space that will link into our   network of growing communities that are especially important in the urban context

 1613468256_opm_programme_treeplanting.jpgSupport and develop more  community  woodland increasing     biodiversity,     creating green     spaces and reducing CO2.

At1613468397_opm_programme_swishswap.jpg present these environmentally events are on hold but please sign up to host one of these future events. We will provide you with an information pack which highlights the environmental impact of fashion on the planet, and any clothes that are left will support our recycle and reuse programme

100 native broad leaf Trees planted to support  a community woodland in Somerset. We supported the Curry Woods Conservation Trust by supplying 100 native broadleaf trees , guards and stakes to support their community project.


Here are some nice things people have said since we launched the initiative. 

One Planet Matters is making a big difference on the ground to local communities enabling and supporting them to make the necessary changes to their lives and local areas to tackle the Climate Emergency and the nature crisis. 

Lucy Rees South Gloucestershire Senior Environmental Policy & Climate Change Officer 

Being part of the Rooted  growing community organised by One Planet Matters is a fantastic opportunity for our children.  Digging and planting in the soil is such a positive experience for our young people and they are always delighted to grow and then eat their own food.  It makes our science leaning so much more real as well as promoting biodiversity on our site.

Andrew Kinnear deputy head Sea Mills Primary 

We are so pleased to be working in collaboration with One Planet Matters who are doing such brilliant work getting trees planted and bringing communities together. We highly recommend checking out their website, getting involved, and buying one of their reusable cups too!! https://www.oneplanetmatters.com/ 

Frome Valley Growing Project


What will your donation be spent on?

The Change Maker initiative is ready to  grow and your donation will allow us to expand our initiative. Donations = more facilitators = more engagement  =  growth  of  initiative = more change makers

Have a look at  our  facebook page, where One Planet Matters  posts and engages on environmental issues.  Visit  or  join our changemakers group which individuals involved in our initiatives can join . It's for people who care about the environment and our aim is to  grow this into a  campaigning body. And finally review our change maker  series that we have started to run on instagram.   We would like to further develop our social media activity and part of your donation could be used to fund this.

Thank you.     Kevin Thomas    Founder  of One Planet Matters



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

Be a Change Maker and own your own keep cup

By donating you have already become a Change Maker. As a thank you we would like to provide you with 2 of our Keep cups. (You can view them on our website). You will never again have to buy a single use throw away cup. The cups also make great presents

£50 or more

Change Maker Supporter

For your generous donation we will send you 2 keep cups and also send you 2 fruit and veg boxes from our locations over the 12 months free of charge. Lovely home grown fruit and veg straight to you door

£100 or more

The top banana reward

We will send you 2 keep cups and 4 mixed fruit and veg boxes during the course of this year. Your donation will help to created more community orchards as well as our "Rooted" growing communities.

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