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A new outreach programme delivering hot food to Torbays homeless.

by Stefanie Curran in Torquay, Torbay, United Kingdom

Everyone loves pizza right?! So here at Punk Against Poverty we figured there wasn't much better a food to deliver to Torbays homeless population than pizza. Its popular, it tastes good hot, or eaten later cold, its easily shared and well, its just the best! 

Our volunteers will be delivering pizza to Torbays street sleepers, and those accommodated in temporary accommodation without cooking facilities which includes families. 

Whilst providing hot food is a help in itself, by going directly to people in need, with a friendly face and a hot gift of food, this can enable supportive conversations to open up about what the persons needs are and how we can help them. Help offered might be through us providing essential items such as sleeping bags or tents, or signposting to organisations that can help in a range of ways. We aim to break down barriers and ensure people are getting the help and support they need and deserve to get them back on their feet.

In Torbay in 2023 7 people known to be rough sleeping died and homelessness rose by 54%. We want to get out and help our areas most vulnerable. 

Money raised through this appeal will go towards the costs of providing pizza and drinks, hot food delivery bags, volunteers DBS costs, travel costs and insurance. The more we raise the more people we can help. 

With your support we can Torbays homeless, one slice at a time! 

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