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We want to see Cornwall's woods realise their potential as a vibrant, biodiverse and resilient habitat!

by Working Woodlands Cornwall in Truro, Cornwall, United Kingdom

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On the 16th October 2023 we'd raised £26,808 with 117 supporters in 42 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

Surpassing our target will allow us to invest in a timber trailer with winch that will allow us to be even more sensitive in habitat restoration. A trailer and winch will enable us to keep the tractor off delicate woodland soil and pull timber to the trackside.

Our vision is to bring Cornish woodland back to life!


Neglect and lack of sustainable management is causing the habitat value and biodiversity in our woods to decline. 


Poor tree species diversity and uniform woodland structure means birds, insects, mammals and plants no longer have the wide range of habitats they need to thrive. 

In the woods we are currently restoring, we are seeing a return to the abundance of life our woodland can support...



However, difficult access is preventing us from bringing this vital habitat work to more of our local woods.


Through the purchase of a specialist small scale forestry tractor, this project will bring more of this sensitive restoration work to the less accessible Cornish woods.



Access is the single biggest obstacle to whether habitat restoration can take place.

Most woods in Cornwall are steep and have limited trackways. The restoration of these woods requires specialist equipment, appropriate to our wooded valleys and hills.

A light and low impact tractor will enable us to restore woods where the use of standard large tractors would damage the soils and require impactful track building. 

It will also allow the timber extracted during this restoration to be used as a vital resource to help our communities become fossil fuel free. 

Sustainable timber from more well-managed woods will replace carbon heavy concrete and steel in local building projects and replace coal, oil and gas for heating local homes in winter.




Your help will directly contribute to:


Making our local woods biodiverse and thriving habitats. 

Your help will allow us to restore the habitat over approximately 100 acres of currently neglected woodland, much of it within the nationally recognised Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 

Increasing woodland resilience in the face of climate change and tree disease.

Your help will widen the range of tree species in these woods, reducing the impact of climate change and new tree diseases. 

Making our communities carbon neutral and self sufficient.

Your help will provide our villages and towns with a locally grown timber resource that locks up carbon and replaces carbon heavy building materials, fossil fuel heating and imported timber from distant industrial forestry. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

Working Woodland Tour, Talk & BBQ!

See the woodland habitat restoration first hand on a walking tour of Devichoys Woods, and learn more about coppicing and the role sustainable management plays in bringing woods to life! Stay for a BBQ afterwards to celebrate this milestone project for Cornwall's woodlands. With local regenerative pork on the menu from @four_legs_good (our four-legged forestry team!), and veggie options.

£15 or more

Devichoys Wood BBQ Charcoal

This sustainable Cornish Charcoal is made by us in a woodland near Falmouth. It contains a mixture of woods, perfect for getting your BBQ to light quickly and easily without firelighters, and then keep it burning for a long time.

£20 or more

Potterbeans Woodfired Coffee Beans

250g bag of 'Las Brisas Columbia' coffee beans. Shipped by sail to the UK by New Dawn Traders and expertly roasted using Working Woodlands Cornwall oak by artisan coffee roasters at Potterbeans.

£25 or more

Devichoys Wood Kindling sack

Our kindling is from Cornish woods that we manage and is dried using passive energy from the sun in our ‘solar-kiln’. This produces the same great quality as standard kiln-dried wood, but without burning fuel to create fuel! (Sack = 25kg potato bag size)

£25 or more

Oak Plant Labels

Locally coppiced wood crafted into a bundle of 10 useful plant labels for your garden or allotment. Made of sweet chestnut or oak, these large plant labels will be durable for many years to come. Just add the name of your plants using a marker pen, paint or pyrography iron.

£30 or more

Oak Spatula

Made of locally coppiced Devichoys oak, and hand-crafted by us. A one-off opportunity to get hold of a hand-carved spatula with the Working Woodlands Cornwall logo beautifully etched onto the handle by our friends at Cut By Beam.

£40 or more

Tree Planting day

Join us for a tree planting day! Help create new woodland, hangout with like-minded folk, and hone your tree planting skills in the process.

£85 or more

Starting Out in Woodland Management - course

Bought a woodland recently and wondering how to take care of it properly? Own an area of woodland that you’ve always wondered what to do with? Wondering how to get started working in the woods? Or maybe you’re an entry level forester wanting more experience assessing different woodlands? This course will get you off the starting blocks. Email: [email protected] for full course description. Course Date: Sat 3rd Feb 2024

£250 or more

Oak Bench Making Course

One place on a group bench making course, hosted by Working Woodlands Cornwall using material sourced from the Cornish woods we manage. You will go home with sustainable, locally grown wooden bench crafted by yourself!

£250 or more

Woodland Management Consultation

Unsure where to go next with your woodland? A visit from one of our experienced advisors will help you make a plan to get the most out of your woods and ensure they thrive for decades to come! (Half day visit, Cornwall only)

£350 or more

Woodland Management Works Day

Bring high quality management to your woods, with a day's work from two of our experienced chainsaw operators. (If you've not already spoken to us about woodland management, please drop us a line first to check for suitability)

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