Role model, a door to financial independence

by We Are Stronger Charity in London, England, United Kingdom

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On 12th April 2022 we successfully raised £957 with 16 supporters in 42 days

We are raising money to allow younger generation to be successful in life and financially independent.

by We Are Stronger Charity in London, England, United Kingdom

About  the project, activities and plan.

We have already been successfully working with 8 primary and secondary schools in Italy and would like to extend the project to UK.

This is part of an internally built anti-bullying methodology and model Extirpating Bullying by Educating (EBE).

The methodology comprise 3 modules. One module called Role model aims to provide students with the right tools to be successful and financially independent in life.

Often bullying is linked to deprivation of wealth, of care, of an healthy environment.

Our psychologists work with teachers,  parents, and students with activities tailor made for each specific group case and need in order to persuade children (age 5-15) to achieve great and positive changes in life, feel confident, be successful, and be financially independent especially when coming from disrupted areas.  

A teacher, a parent, a relative, a friend, a sport coach becomes a role model for the child and even disadvantaged children will have positive examples to follow.

We work with each school for the entire year. We use surveys, activities, and ad-hoc material to train teachers, parents, and students. Each group has a specific programme to follow and receives our psychologists support.

About We Are Stronger Charity

 The charity We Are Stronger was founded on the 29th of May 2017 by Olga Venosa.  It is a Charitable incorporated organisation (CIO), and a registered charity in the UK (no.1181286) and Italy (CF93503990728). 

The charity aims to help targets of bullying through: 

  • antibullying prevention programmes and workshops in schools, colleges, universities, and corporates
  • legal advise
  • telephone line
  • one to one psychotherapy and counseling support
  • events to spread awareness and fundraising 

It also cooperates with universities' neuroscience research departments.

Our team of professionals developed new methodologies engaging in various activities directed to break through current knowledge and experience.

The charity role model module: inspired by the founder’s life, the role model is an essential element of our methodology used to develop resilience, build strength and drive empowerment.

Filling the gap: the charity wants to raise awareness and intervene to prevent bullying on school transportation. Research shows that this is a place where a high incidence of bullying commonly occurs

Our studies and findings provide reasonable ground to believe this phenomenon can be reduced.

We strive to allow new generations to live the life they deserve.

Our operating model maximises the number of volunteers overpaid staff in order to allocate more funds as possible to the actual cause.

About the Founder and Chair Olga Venosa.

Olga is a financial professional with southern Italian background; she lived in 6 different countries from her twenties and now based in London. She is a child abuse , bullying and eating disorder survivor.  She was able to completely reprogram her brain and able to live a lovely life; her passion for neuroscience and dancing practise helped her to succeed in completely removing any traumatic trigger, depression and anxiety.

Her dream was to have an international charity to help anyone in need and provide a real-life example that no matter how difficult it can be, we can always make it.

She has co-written a book " Kindness Is  All Around" currently successfully distributed in schools in UK and Italy as part of the Project Smiling Choc.

Olga in November 2021 won "The Young Talented Italians Award" for the charitable sector for her work with We Are Stronger and outstanding  business development in Italy and UK.  

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