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Enable diverse groups to break down barriers, embrace inclusion, safeguard and support the most vulnerable and isolated people and families.

by Saima Afzal MBE in Blackburn, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

With this extra money:

1. We will reach out to the neighbouring communities of Blackburn across the North West and expand the project and numbers of people we can support.

2. We will involve a researcher to monitor the impact of the project upon communities and individuals, and establish how it has helped improve lives, reduced, eliminate or manage risk to vulnerable people.

3. We can create at least 5 video clips, to share key highlights of the project so that others can learn from our activities.

4. Post COVID-19 Crisis we can hold 5 workshops in various UK locations to discuss the merits and any learning from the project.

5. We can build a bespoke page to the project and ensure this can be staffed and updated by volunteers for at least 6 months.




We are committed to breaking down barriers that may exist between different communities. Too often we see divisions in society based on, for example, ethnic, racial, religious, sexual or gender identity lines. The team strive to create a legacy of loving difference.

In our day jobs, the SAS RIGHTS Directors all deal with the consequences of 'hate', and too often these manifest in violent and abusive forms. We recognise that if hate is left to foster then our interventions will always be too late to prevent harm from being done to individuals and society. We, therefore made a pact to always speak out against all forms of ‘hate’ and that we would seek to prevent discrimination and human rights denials by providing opportunities that allow diverse groups to embrace and value their differences through forming friendships. This approach does not mean we must all become the same, but we encourage people to express their identity in a manner that doesn't stifle the individuality of others.

Whilst our classroom-based learning, research, engagement and victim support work continues, we are moving into lived experiences that enable learning. We are daring and cutting edge in all we do and have never been afraid to tackle the taboo subjects. 


Please watch our short video and read the below information that helps us to explain how the SAS Rights Team have reconfigured our project to help assist in safeguarding and supporting the most vulnerable and isolated individuals, families and communities:

The reconfigured initiative is being undertaken as a partnership project and will be delivered with invaluable IT & Digital support from ThisIsTAE. As a result of Covid-19 crisis, we have had to reconfigure all our work to be able to continue to support communities from a digital platform. The use of creativity and innovation through the digitalisation of support services is critical in this time. The support of the public is key.

You can view some of TAE's fantastic creative work via this link:


Community Cohesion, Development and Safeguarding of the most vulnerable has always remained integral to what we do best, however, these challenging times have triggered us to refocus our work towards initiatives that assist with safeguarding vulnerable, individuals, families and communities at a time when they are most likely to feel disenfranchised and isolated.

During the pandemic, we did refocus our project to work with those at risk of harm within the home. Our weekly fitness/wellbeing sessions are just an example of how we can link in with anyone who wants to access the support we offer. We don't just safeguard, we help to tackle isolation, promote fitness, wellbeing, healthy body, mind and soul, and provide a supportive and cohesive environment for anyone wishing to access our services. We help in more than one way,  anyone requiring specialist support will be either offered that support 'in-house' or we will, with your consent, refer you to an agency or community partner of your choice.

We will work within the Blackburn location and link in with local police, housing associations and direct with the local community to ensure we can engage and check in on those potentially trapped in situations that they are unable to escape from. The cases we will work with are the low-medium risk cases.

Whilst in crisis, our message is clear and advise is that in such situations the victim should call 999, our work recognises that victims of abuse for a variety of reason do not feel they are able to leave an abusive situation, those reasons are now further compounded with the coronavirus crisis.

We will work with individuals to highlight Silent Solutions adopted by the Policing Services. See link:



As well as working with those that contact us to alert them to current silent solutions we will work hard to identify a variety of alternative silent triggers that can be utilised to access support prior to the escalation of a crisis situation.

The service we offer is a ‘discreet’ survival line and a check-in and advice service for those that feel they may be at risk. Whilst I cannot share on here the detail of the tactics that will be deployed because we must not alert abusers to those tactics. Our service will link in with local police and groups to ensure medium-low level risk victim referrals are made to us, and this will enable us to remotely check-in with victims, to help them through this crisis of being isolated with a potential abuser. 

The check-in service allows us to keep records of mental health wellbeing, ensure food and other medical supplies are not being withdrawn, it also allows the victim to take ‘time out’ and help focus upon their own mental health by having the ability to ‘off-load’ with a person whose primary focus is to support them in the prevention of the situation escalating that may be present within the home.

We understand what we do will not eliminate abuse but will help us to manage the risk and be in a position to trigger a crisis response if evidence of risk escalation is observed or relayed to us.

Please help us to help the most vulnerable.



Any money raised will be utilised to:

  • Help cover the costs of creating digital content that will help us to make links with vulnerable people.
  • Record accurate information and provide information to Police and other vetted agencies to help collectively safeguard individuals. 

Note: We will not breach any GDPR requirements and confidentiality will be maintained unless a crisis response is triggered, and data transfer is a legal obligation.

  • Cover any reasonable costs incurred in helping to safeguard individuals. 
  • Provide a digital platform to link individuals and diverse communities to collectively discuss innovative tactics to safeguard, tackling isolation and support each other.
  • Help promote our services via digital methods or via traditional delivery services.
  • Help evaluate the project and keep a record of any useful practice/tactics.
  • Create a report of key themes and issues identified to help influence policy and decision-makers.

Current Services:


[email protected] or +447801704851

Currently, the team provide a range of services and activities such as peer mentoring, community engagement aimed at confidence and resilience building, collaboration with like-minded organisations and the development of learning materials. Our work assists in informing and raises awareness of all matters relating to, safeguarding, human rights and valuing difference and inclusion in order to achieve our central aim, that being, to create more cohesive communities free of intolerance and discrimination.

Our community work is fun cutting edge and undertaken in a manner designed to engage, involve and invoke a desire to be part of the solution and not the problem. We will speak out when others may fear not to. We dare to do what others may not, please help us to be more daring.

The work of SAS and SAS RIGHTS CIC is aimed at addressing religio-cultural and belief-based conflicts; we do this through providing subject matter expert advice, peer review, academic research, leading seminars, cutting edge film and documentaries. Our work is funded primarily through self-funding however we would like to do more with your help.

To find out more about me as the Project Manager, and the work of the team, please see the links below:





Individually and collectively speak out to help create a more equal society that embraces difference and seeks to eradicate all forms of abuse and intolerance.


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