Scotland's Wildlife Comeback
We did it
On 26th September 2023 we successfully raised £24,820 ( + est. £1341.25 Gift Aid ) with 235 supporters in 42 days

By returning threatened and missing native species, you can help enrich our landscapes with greater abundance and diversity of life.

by Sarah Sall in Kingussie, Scotland, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Great news we’ve reached our target but let’s not stop there. More money would allow us to consider more threatened or missing native species for practical reintroductions and awareness-raising campaigns.

For example, with additional funds we could work to return beavers to more sites across our Northwoods Rewilding Network.

Scotland’s Wildlife Comeback

There is growing scientific consensus that the next 10 years will be critical in addressing climate breakdown and biodiversity loss. This is a frighteningly narrow window.

The good news is that there’s a solution. It’s called rewilding

1692093248_untitled_design_(1).pngRewilding recognises that all species – including missing native species – play a crucial role in restoring ecosystem health, function and completeness.

You can help Scotland’s Wildlife Comeback!

SCOTLAND: The Big Picture works to return threatened or missing species to our landscapes to benefit nature, climate and people.  By donating today, you can help increase the abundance and diversity of wildlife species across Scotland. 

Thanks to the Aviva Community Fund and Save Our Wild Isles Community Fund your donation will be tripled!

Meet the cast


Beavers are nature’s engineers. The wetlands they create allow other species to flourish. Beavers help people too, by ensuring our rivers and wetlands become more resilient to drought, while reducing the risk of downstream flooding. After a long period without their crucial influence, beavers are back in Scotland – but they need help to expand. 

In 2021, a family of beavers that would otherwise have been culled, were moved to Argaty Red Kites in Perthshire, a partner in our Northwoods Rewilding Network

Your donation will support more beaver translocations to Northwoods sites across Scotland.


Lynx help maintain balance and diversity in an ecosystem – regulating numbers of deer and smaller carnivores. 

Once native to the UK, they became extinct around 500 years ago, but are now staging a comeback across mainland Europe.

Your donation will help drive public support for lynx and pave the way for this enigmatic cat to return to Scotland’s woodlands.


Aspen is a truly stunning native tree and a key component of Scotland’s forests. Several rare species rely exclusively on aspen and it’s a preferred food source for beavers. 

Sadly, it has disappeared from much of our landscape and, as a relatively unknown tree, its decline has gone unnoticed by many.

Your donation will help our Painting Scotland Yellow campaign, which supports more people to recognise aspen’s role in healthy woodlands, driving its comeback across Scotland.


The iconic Eurasian Crane stands at more than 1 metre tall, with a 2.4 metre wingspan, and is known for its evocative bugling call and mesmerising courtship dance. Driven to extinction centuries ago, there are presently only a handful of breeding pairs in Scotland. 

Your donation will help to reintroduce a breeding population to the Cairngorms National Park for the first time in 500 years, while also supporting the expansion of life-rich wetlands.

Scotland's Wildlife Comeback also needs people

Scotland's people play a pivotal role in addressing biodiversity loss and climate breakdown. We work hard to inform and inspire a broad audience about the critical importance of all species – including missing native species – in sustaining healthy, functioning ecosystems.

Through social media, local consultations and educational sessions with schools and community groups, we seek to plug knowledge gaps and enable open dialogue.

Our webinars, film screenings and biennial Big Picture Conference further connect people with the role of missing species and the benefits of Wildlife Comeback for Scotland's nature, climate and people.

20 years from now…


While we can’t predict the future, we do know that a Wildlife Comeback in Scotland will help restore functioning ecosystems, bringing huge benefits to nature, climate and people, for generations to come.

Donate today to triple your impact for Scotland’s Wildlife Comeback.

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