Sherwood Forest Community Tree Nursery
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Teaming up with a local community horticulture project to grow tree saplings from seed. Later we'll plant the 'wee trees' in Sherwood Forest

by The Sherwood Forest Trust in Mansfield, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

A polytunnel would provide shelter for our tiny trees and the people tending them.  

A little extra could fit it out with staging, and deep-root plant trays. install a new tap for easier watering, and buy a stock of tree compost.  

Did you know?  Over its long lifetime, one single mature oak tree can support over 270 different types of insect and 30 different species of birds, not to mention bats, fungi and a host of specialised microbes enriching the soil at its feet.


Over centuries, England's 'Heart of Oak' - Sherwood Forest - has shrunk from a medieval Royal hunting forest to scattered areas of woodland and heathland - a landscape under threat.  Its mighty oaks built cathedrals and warships.  Coal mining, development and two world wars have fragmented and degraded Robin Hood's legendary lair.  

We want to rescue what's left of Sherwood's woodland and heath, and make Nottinghamshire a greener place - one tree at a time.


Plants help our planet, and people too.  We love to get our local community hands on with tree planting - from cubs to local companies, from primary schools to university students.  Will one of those who go home muddy and tired but happy grow up to be tomorrow's David Attenborough or David Bellamy? 


But for our winter planting sessions, we need a source of tree seedlings, 'home grown' from seed collected in Sherwood Forest.  

So we're teamed up with 'Feelgood Gardens' ( - a local horticulture project providing therapeutic gardening activities for local people including those with mental or physical heath challenges.


Wouldn't it be a great win-win for both non profit organisations (and the planet) if we had enough money to buy new raised beds, build a new polytunnel, and raise a new generation of tiny trees?   


From tiny acorns....  Help get our community tree nursery off the ground, and let us turn your pounds to green.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

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£20 Reward

A copy of our souvenir "Historic Map of Sherwood Forest," posted to you (UK only)

£500 or more

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VIP Guided Walk in Sherwood Forest

Donate £500 and we invite you to join us on a personalised guided walk with Ian Major, who has worked 'hands on' in Sherwood Forest for many years. Ian will introduce you to the heritage, trees and ecology of this historic landscape on a walk arranged to suit your diary.

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