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by Snapdragons Plymouth in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We desperately need funds to sort the refurbishment of the buildings so that we can trade. If we succeed and manage to reach our stretch target, we'd also be able to build the extension to the Kindergarten, providing the much-needed cloakroom/transition space. We really do have so much to do , that anything over our original target will be extremely helpful. In the words of a well-known supermarket, every little helps. 


Just over a year ago we signed the lease for the former bowling pavilion in Victoria Park, after an 18month planning application journey. We've cleared needles, dog poo, endless amounts of litter. We have ACTUALLY MOVED MOUNTAINS by bringing in 1000 tons of clean top soil to sort out a soil contamination issue. So far we've spent £40k on the site, installing a new fence,  fixing the soil etc. 



Now we're ready for the next stage. During the pandemic situation we've massively increased our volunteer list and the awareness of our project. We're desperately trying to fund the refurb of the buildings so that we can start trading as soon as lockdowns lift.  Please help us to make sure that our buildings are safe and fit for purpose. 



Home to the following projects, this is the sort of thing we'll be offering once our refurb is complete:  

* Waldorf-inspired children's centre (Parent & Baby groups, Parent & Child groups, Kindergarten for ages 4-7, sessions for older home-educated children etc)

* Plymouth Woodcraft Folk branch

* Forest School

* Plymouth Red Tent and associated groups for local women

* Plymouth Green Man Circle for local men

* community allotment, garden, orchard and composting projects

* specialist library

* food coop

* breastfeeding support group

 * venue for arts/crafts/skills/music workshops and seasonal celebrations

and much, much more!


The whole project is underpinned by an ethos of bringing communities together through nature. From babies to the elderly, we want to get people OUTSIDE and moving.  Through Forest School sessions for groups of different ages (including women/men only, family friendly, kindergarten sessions, home-ed teen sessions, after school clubs etc) to our community allotment, garden and orchard , we have something for everyone. We've managed to team up with Tess Wilmot as part of her Generous Earth Community Composting project, as well as Barbara Hampson, Dorothea Orme and Helen Moore of Fashion Fix/Inner City Seeds to create a plant dye garden on site.  All of these things together are getting people together , outside in all weathers, moving more. We're tackling social isolation and improving both mental and physical health and wellbeing. These smaller projects, and our volunteers day, have given us a real taste of what's to come once we're ready! 


We are a team of 3 directors, now forming our committee, and a growing list of volunteers who desperately want to make this space a thriving community hub for people in the local area and beyond. We want to bring our communities together using nature and with a sustainable, local ethos.  We've worked so hard over the last 3 years, getting planning permission to change the use, fixing the soil solution, turning the site from a place for anti-social behaviour into a safe and secure haven.  We're ready for the next stage but have run out of money - please help us to make the dream happen! The list of jobs is endless, but the more successful this crowdfunder is, the more we can get done over the coming months. Our dream is to be up and running fully by September - can you help us? 

Thank you 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

April issue - PRT Ezine The Hearthstone

Please pledge here to get your copy of the April issue of the Plymouth Red Tent ezine, The Hearthstone. Julie Walsh and other contributors are working hard to get it ready, it will be sent out around 1st April which is AFTER the Crowdfunder ends, but it's a helpful way of raising money. Thank you

£5 or more

1 moonlodge session

This gives you access to one evening moonlodge session 'free of charge'

£5 or more

PRT Magazine - The Hearthstone - March edition

Please choose this pledge reward to access the March issue of The Hearthstone, the new Plymouth Red Tent monthly ezine. Once pledged, the file will be emailed to you - Please contact Julie or Laura if you don't hear from us.

£10 or more

£10 Reward - Sponsor a library book!

Sponsor one of our library books! Have your name listed in one of the books in the library, so that all borrowers know that you helped to make this project happen.

£10 or more

£10 Reward - red tent pay it forward

This Reward will pay for one red tent sister to access a tent space for free.

£10 or more

One Red Tent Space

This entitles you to attend one red tent session for 'free'

£20 or more

31 of 500 claimed

£20 Reward - Sponsor a tree!

We are planting 500 saplings on site, to form a hedge. By choosing this pledge reward, we will put your name on a tree tag (waxed paper/wooden tag), showing that you've helped this project to grow.

£20 or more

Have your name on site :)

Your name displayed on site (wooden tags/pebbles/ incorporated into a mural etc)

£25 or more

£25 Reward - Friends of Snapdragons membership 1yr

A year's Snapdragons membership - access to the library, food coop, veg box scheme, newsletter etc.

£25 or more

5 of 10 claimed

Half Day Drumming Workshop with Lorna Coulson

Lorna has kindly offered to donate a half-day drum workshop to the cause! 10 Spaces available.

£30 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Plymouth Sling Library Consultation

Plymouth Sling Library have kindly donated a Sling consultation worth £30 - thank you!

£50 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Family Tree Research - 5 hours

Laura will spend 5 hours starting off your Genealogy adventure (some limitations apply due to what existing Ancestry site subscriptions cover etc)

£65 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Cycle Alignment Session with Megan Taylor

Megan Taylor has kindly offered us this discounted session as a pledge reward. A single session designed to bring you into radical alignment with your own, unique cycle. Using therapeutic techniques from energy healing, breath-work and menstrual cycle awareness, as well as womb yoga and talking therapy, I will show you how to relate to your cycle energetically, emotionally and spiritually. See more info at https://meganheals.com/

£70 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Business Coaching - 2 hours with JCH

2 hours will basically add up to an assessment of where you're at, so a business review (or idea if you're still early stages) and then a short report with some feedback, signposting and suggestions for you. People would be welcome to book more obviously but it's a good start to get you moving and clearer on your path and options. 2 hours business coaching with JCH Consultancy. Kindly offered by Jessica Holliland

£100 or more

4 of 5 claimed

£100 reward - bench plaque in your honour

For a £100 pledge, we're happy to have a plaque installed on one of our new wooden benches (yet to be made) to show how you've supported us.

£500 or more

0 of 5 claimed

£500 Reward - Name a building/outbuilding

One of the buildings/outbuildings can be named in your honour :)

£10 or more

3 of 3 claimed

1kg sweet box from Jelly Janners!

Local businesswoman, Samantha Smith from Jelly Janners, has kindly offered some 1kg sweet boxes as pledge rewards - thank you Sam! We can attest to the sheer sugary delight of these treat boxes! You won't be disappointed

£10 or more

4 of 4 claimed

Beautiful Flotsam Prints Mug

Kindly offered by local artist Megan Hall of Flotsam Prints, we have 4 of her beautiful mugs available - please see our Facebook page for an image of the mugs. Thank you Megan.

£20 or more

10 of 10 claimed

Massage Treatment

Local therapist, Clare Luscombe-McCarthy has very kindly offered 10 treatment sessions by her, at Amore Hair in Cornwall Street, after April 12th when restrictions allow. You can choose from Sports and Remedial, Relaxation, Aromatherapy, Thai Table top, myofascial Release or Energy Healing .... https://clareluscombe.wixsite.com/therapies ???? Thank you Clare!

£25 or more

3 of 3 claimed

Saori loom weaving session with Gia

Some time with Gia, learning how to use the Saori loom. Some yarn available, feel free to bring some of your own too and create something beautiful.

£25 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Blacksmithing Session

Jez Menis of The Black Hand Crafts has kindly offered one blacksmithing session (once in-person sessions can run again) as a pledge reward, thank you Jez!

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