The Super Project (Sustainable Periods)
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We want to increase access to reusable sanitary wear to the most vulnerable in our community and reduce period poverty.

by Tiger Green Textiles in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

Tiger have been running recycling related textiles workshops in our local community for around 5 years now. One question that came up a lot in workshops was "Can you show us how to make reusable sanitary wear?". 

From this Toni and the team began to work on researching materials,  patterns, prototypes and samples which were trialled in some workshops. Feedback was brilliant with members of our community saying how much switching to reusable sanitary wear changed their lives.

Then COVID hit, and as a community organisation our focus moved away from this to focus on the most urgent response needed in the pandemic (masks and scrubs for frontline workers). Despite this, Toni kept working whenever she had a spare moment, in addition to this, Marielle came on board and started doing research into period poverty in the UK and issues surrounding disposable sanitary wear and what initiatives were already existing in the UK. 

We were shocked, not only by the rate of period poverty in the UK, but also by the fact it grew by a third in the first lockdown alone. 

In response to this we started to develop the SuPer Project in much more detail to create a project which supports people switching over to reusable sanitary wear  AND improves access to sustainable solutions to the most vulnerable in our community. Often the biggest barrier to reusable sanitary wear is the initial cost compared to disposables (even though it saves money in the long run.)

So why do we need your help?

Our aim is to sell reusable sanitary wear on a buy one give one scheme, which should provide this project longevity and help us support as many people as possible on their switch to reusable. Our hope is that we can eventually start to distribute free of charge through food banks  and community groups to target those most in need. However, we need your help with the initial cost of supplies to help us get started! We have set an initial target of £2000 but the more we raise the more fabric and supplies we can buy, the more we buy/make the more we can distribute to those in need, simple.  


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£35 or more

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£35 RSW Starter Pack

Start your own plastic free period journey with this started pack containing: 1 x Daily 3 x Regular 1 x Heavy 1 x Zippered Wet Bag In a medium body size, this pack is perfect to get you started - a daily for those lighter days, 3 regular flow for daytime and a heavy flow pad for nighttime. We've included a wet bag for carrying your RSW when out and about. Worth £40, this makes a great gift too.

£5 or more

£5 show your support

Our thanks and the thanks of the people we will be supporting

£20 or more

£20 No 1 Fan

You're our biggest fan and want to support our project, so your reward will be the good you are doing by contributing our SuPer Project, thanks from the Tiger Team.

£25 or more

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£20 Tiger Lover

This reward is for those of you that know us and support our recycling and sustainability aims. We make lots of bags, and have been working on a Owl Emblem Day Bag, roomy enough for all your bits, a pocket for your phone, a contrasting purse attached to the handle and best of all a cute owl made from vinyl samples attached to the front. With a buttoned closure for security and wear on your shoulder handles, it makes a great summer bag.

£65 or more

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£65 Jump right in

Confident you're ready to start your plastic free period? Get a pack with enough pads to see you through your period. 2 x daily 6 x regular 2 x heavy 1 x zippered wet bag Enough here, in body size medium, for lighter days, the main event and a couple of heavy weights for when it feels like Niagra Falls! Along with a wet bag for out and about.

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