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Creative indoor food growing to improve the physical and mental health of people with neurological conditions.

by The Brain Charity in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom


Did you know there are more than 600 different neurological conditions in existence – from well-known ones like stroke, brain injury, epilepsy and dementia to much rarer illnesses like Alice in Wonderland Syndrome too? The Brain Charity is the only charity in the UK to be here for every single one of them – and we have been for more than 25 years.


The impact of a diagnosis can be devastating. People lose control of their lives and many face unemployment, poverty and social isolation as a result. Life can become very lonely and frightening – meaning physical and mental health and wellbeing can suffer further. 

That’s why we’ve teamed up with our pioneering friends at social enterprise Farm Urban.


Over the past five years, Farm Urban has been educating schools, businesses and communities on the benefits of growing food in cities, and how to create a sustainable future for food.

In 2019 they created Liverpool’s first vertical farm to bring healthy, sustainable, locally-grown greens to the people of Merseyside and beyond. Using the soilless growing system of hydroponics, they grow food in space-saving vertical towers without using any pesticides.

Together, we want to bring their food revolution – and the physical and mental health benefits of growing fresh, nutritious greens – to people with neurological conditions.

From this pioneering pilot, we’ll create a project around accessible, indoor food growing that can be shared with communities across the UK and beyond. 

Enter: The Edible Wall




We want to introduce vertical food-growing to The Brain Charity’s community to encourage our service users to make sustainable, healthy food choices, learn new skills and make new friends along the way.



Working with the Farm Urban team, our service users will help to install a living wall in our public HQ in Liverpool city centre. The eight-tower, 2m x 1.8m hydroponic system will use energy-efficient LED lights and circulating water to grow leafy greens and herbs all year round. It doesn’t require soil, and being indoors, means we can grow efficiently no matter the weather.

Usual agricultural techniques are a significant cause of climate change, but this method of farming is:

·         100% pesticide free

·         Uses 90% less water than if grown in a field

·         Leaves zero waste




See the right hand side for more information on our rewards.


Improved diet, improved health & wellbeing

Malnutrition is common in many neurological conditions, including stroke, motor neurone disease and dementia, and is often a contributing factor for illnesses getting worse. Furthermore, many of our clients live below or on the poverty line, with 31% saying they barely have enough money to live on despite receiving welfare benefits. The link between social deprivation and poor diet in the UK is long-established, with processed foods still cheaper and more accessible. 

Healthy eating has a positive effect not only on physical health but also mental health, with leafy greens in particular being a potent ‘brain food’ full of antioxidants. Of the top 40 foods with the highest correlation to the prevention of chronic disease, the top 20 is dominated by leafy greens - some of the healthiest food on the planet. The edible wall will provide nutritious food to feed service users in our on-site Brain Food Café with zero food miles, reducing their carbon footprint.  


Taking care of plants has also been highlighted as a mental health booster—studies have shown that tending to plants relieves stress and lowers blood pressure. Some studies have even suggested small amounts of gardening can help lower the risk of dementia. It appears that taking care of another living thing and watching it grow is the key.

The research carried out during the project will measure key wellbeing indicators from participants -  such as community participation, social networks, social support and healthy eating -  and whether positive changes in these areas can be attributed to engaging with the Edible Wall. We hope through the increased social opportunities that will arise from sharing the experience of growing food using the Edible Wall, and the ability to reconnect with nature indoors, participants will report higher levels of wellbeing.

Building community and confidence by eating, growing and learning together. 

Social isolation is another huge issue among our service users. In a year dominated by Covid-19, the damaging and potentially fatal impact of loneliness is something many people have only just opened their eyes to. But for people with neurological conditions who struggle to communicate or even leave the house, it’s a long-term problem. Responding to a survey this January, more than half of The Brain Charity’s current clients said they regularly felt lonely. 

Studies have shown that education about nutrition not only helps to promote dietary change, but also utilises group settings enables bonding between participants. Research has further demonstrated how engaging with natural features in urban environments can enhance psychological wellbeing.

The Edible Wall will be a physical representation of improved social cohesion—a new way for people to work together to nurture and grow a living object while making friends, building confidence and learning new skills.



  • Empower our neurological community, which is so often marginalised and forgotten about, to know that they can contribute to a better, healthier future.
  • Lay the groundwork for bringing an innovative, new approach to urban farming to community groups around the country and across the world.

The Edible Wall is for us all.


Risks and challenges

The Project

Your support will enable us to introduce vertical food-growing to The Brain Charity’s community. The project is designed to engage as many people as possible in the early stages, by delivering boxes of greens and offering fun activities, on-line and in-person, to encourage people to get involved and learn more about food, diet and sustainability.

As we build community around this first stage of activity, those who are inspired will be involved in planning the development of the final stage of the project - the installation of the Edible Wall. This ensures that the whole community has a say in how the project will evolve.

The second stage of the project is a key piece of work. Having delivered education programmes for the past five years, Farm Urban knows the importance of building robust, engaging activity around the installation of small-scale urban farms, to ensure that there is real community ownership, engagement and long-term potential for their success. Alongside the delivery of stage 1 activities, the Farm Urban team will be developing the content of the 6-week programme to enable participants to fully develop a workable idea for the Edible Wall, learn in detail how to maintain and install it, and ensure that the project is an ongoing success.

Whilst we are incredibly excited to be pioneering this programme at The Brain Charity, by raising the funds to develop it, we are also supporting Farm Urban to create resources to support communities everywhere to be able to follow in our footsteps and do the same. Indoor spaces far and wide filled with fresh, healthy food, managed by local people growing for their local area.

As our project is multi-staged have chosen to run a keep-what-you-raise campaign - ie. we can deliver each stage of the project according to the amount that we raise. So whatever you donate will be put to good use and the more we raise, the more we can deliver.

The Rewards

Whatever we raise we will keep towards our project costs. This means that  you are guaranteed to receive whatever reward you pledge for.

Our campaign ends on 11 December 2020. This will give us sufficient time to prepare and post out any rewards due for delivery before Christmas. 

Rewards to be sent after Christmas are guaranteed delivery by early March and we do not anticipate any issues around these.


I don’t live in Liverpool - are you doing something that can make a difference in my city?

Our campaign is all about growing healthy, hyper-local, sustainable produce right where we live. But the project is pioneering a programme that we hope to be able to share with people far and wide. If you’re interested in finding out more about Farm Urban’s school and community programmes for your local area feel free to get in touch (their details are below).

I’d like to buy multiple rewards - how can I do this?

Crowdfunder is set up for pledges on single rewards. If you would like multiple numbers of the same reward - for example, a few boxes of greens for gifts for the whole family! - just increase your pledge amount so that it adds up to the total amount and then drop us a message to let us know how many you would like. We will make a note on our records and ensure that we adjust the amount we send.

If you would like to pledge for different rewards you will need to do this making separate pledges using different email addresses. Unfortunately there is no other way around this, but we hope you think it’s worth the effort!

What do I receive for naming a tower?

If you pledge to name a tower in the Edible Wall we will send you a digital voucher before Christmas - a perfect gift idea!

Where can I find out more about The Brain Charity and Farm Urban?

Find out more about The Brain Charity:


Find out more about Farm Urban:



Or check out our TEDx talk


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£2 or more

5 of 100 claimed

ChariTea packaged loose leaf tea

Enjoy a cup of our premium loose leaf ChariTea! Sit back and relax, knowing that your brew helps support those less fortunate than you. 25g bag of loose leaf tea

£3 or more

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The Brain Charity Badge

Wear your support with pride with our badge of honour. High quality metal pin badge showing your partnership with The Brain Charity.

£5 or more

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Plant-It Postcard

Show your support for The Edible Wall with a biodegradable postcard you can plant! Keep it in your wallet or plant it and watch it grow.

£8 or more

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Pay it Forward - a meal at The Brain Food Cafe

Pay it forward by funding a meal and a drink for one person who visits The Brain Food Cafe when we reopen in line with lockdown measures. The meal will be chalked up on our blackboard and available to a service user for free.

£15 or more

3 of 200 claimed

Meal and drink for two at The Brain Food Cafe

Treat a friend or loved one to a meal out! Come down to The Brain Food Cafe when we are able to reopen in line with covid-19 guidance and choose a meal from our extensive menu of traditional comfort foods packed full of antioxidant-rich ingredients that taste good and help support a healthy brain. Select one of our refreshing hot or cold drinks to go alongside.

£25 or more

2 of 20 claimed

Large Greens for Good box

Farm Urban's 'Greens for Good' boxes contain living leaves, super fresh fragrant herbs and mighty greens (all grown in the vertical dimension). Plus we'll include a selection of special recipe cards for some green inspiration. INCLUDES: Tasty greens from Liverpool's vertical farm Fragrant herbs Recipe cards Plant-it Postcard

£35 or more

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5 Donation Boxes of Christmas Greens

Give the gift of green to others this Christmas. Pledge to donate 5 boxes of Farm Urban's greens to those across Liverpool that need it the most. Working with charities across the city, we’ll let you know which partner you’ll be supporting.

£45 or more

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Greens for Good x Patagonia T-Shirt

Become part of the crew with our brand new, high quality and sustainably sourced Greens for Good t-shirts in partnership with Patagonia. Navy blue Patagonia t-shirts printed with Greens for Good branding.

£75 or more

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Name a Tower with Digital Certificate

The chance to name one of the 8 vertical towers in the Edible Wall! We'll send you a digital certificate and an invitation to visit and see the system once it’s installed. INCLUDES: Digital Certificate Name one of the Edible Wall Towers

£100 or more

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The Big Bundle

Our big bundle has all the goodies! This includes a Greens for Good box, Greens for Good x Patagonia t-shirt, a plant-it postcard, a meal for one at The Brain Food Cafe, The Brain Charity badge & some of our premium loose leaf ChariTea.

£300 or more

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The Produce Pod Aquaponic System

Aquaponics is a mini-ecosystem inspired by nature: your fish help to fertilise your plants and your plants purify the water for your fish. This small-scale aquaponic system allows you to grow fresh, healthy food all year round; at home, at school or at work. INCLUDES: Produce Pod Aquaponic System Propagation Starter Kit Instruction Booklet

£500 or more

3 of 20 claimed

Sponsor a School Box for a Year

Sponsor a weekly delivery of Farm Urban's boxes of Mighty Greens to a local school in Liverpool. Robust lettuces and hearty fragrant herbs. We work with schools to create inspiring meals and nourished children. We'll also send you a box of greens, Plant-It postcard and a digital certificate.

£5,000 or more

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Your own Edible Wall (Liverpool)

Make a statement with a stunning and sustainable edible wall: bring your space to life with healthy green goodness that oxygenates the air. With a weekly replenish by Farm Urban, you can eat and enjoy and we’ll keep it full and fresh. INCLUDES: - An eight tower edible wall – installed and planted up by Farm Urban. - 12-month weekly replenish of greens, keeping your Edible Wall full & fresh. - Launch events to get your whole team involved.

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