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On 28th June 2022 we successfully raised £10,153 with 78 supporters in 41 days

To deliver a local hub of emission-free active travel equipment to empower local families to reduce their footprints & increase their smiles

by The Family Bike Club in Enfield, Greater London, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

We have a passion to offer as wide a variety of equipment that accommodates as many cycling abilities and demographics as possible. 

To this end we have a large desire to include some electric options in our initial fleet to ensure our offering is as accessible as possible, and that those less accustomed riders, can also truly see the life- transformative ability of electric cargo bikes and the possibilities they can offer for local journeys almost regardless of the demand. Similarly those with physical or health impairments who need the extra help will thereby mutually be catered for. The small issue is that some of these models are quite expensive (although more accessible options continue to arrive on the market) and so we would need more funds to fulfill this objective. 

We would also like to make our hub even more homely still, and believe the forming of local relationships can be aided when providing the distraction of spending a short time chatting over a coffee, or other suitably restorative refreshment! We would like to be able to provide these, ideally on a complimentary or at-cost basis, for our members, to then see these new relations flourish! And bring even more power to the local active travel community!



THE WHY- The reason for being- Families, Local Community, Healthy habits & Planet as One- A library of all things Family Cycling!

A unique offering that puts the community as a whole, first. We want to create a movement that grows & self-mobilises itself to deliver healthy travel habits for all local journeys, sustained into the long term, for the benefit of all local residents. We want to deliver new meaning to active travel accessibility in north London, and beyond.

We have been inspired by the change that recent times have enabled for people's engagement with their local environments; to enjoy local. And with this the undeniable appetite for new ways to enjoy leisure time as a family; in ways that don't put local infrastructure under extra pressure. We want to sustain this into the future, delivering joy-filled active local journeys  and further embed wellbeing into daily life, for the long term.

We think active travel should be a truly public & accessible good, for all. Not all families can afford £300 plus for the latest kids bike that might only last a couple of years in terms of sizing, nor the £3000 plus for any family-accommodating bike. We want to deliver back equality of access to active transport. We believe this is a social justice issue.  

We think families are ready to leave their cars behind for a majority of local journeys, given the right support & equipment. We want to help them on this quest. Hence our accessible community hire club was born! No ordinary hire club! See below!


THE WHAT- The offering-  

A unique multi-functional offering delivered via not-for-profit social enterprise (formally limited by guarantee)- Family, Utility & Multi-rider hires, all under one roof! 


We will use all the amazing innovation currently being delivered to cycling equipment in family cycling, utility & functional domains, to fully activate both fun and practicality in equal measure for all involved. We will host a variety of the latest long-tail family bikes, child trailers, front and back child seats and safety accessories, all available for hire. We will also have a separate specialism in cargo-carrying trailers, cargo bikes and other truly functional utility hires. All under one roof! 

We also believe fully in the power of cycling to remove barriers to local mobility. To this end, in addition we also intend to stock a range of multi-rider bikes, where there can be main "pilot" rider to assist with steering; as well as a fully active second rider putting their feet to the pedals. All the while still delivering the benefits of active travel to all riders, and inclusive of all. We also plan to have available tandem, triplet and even a one-of-two ever made... quad multi rider bikes!

Along with the physical hires, we will offer a raft of member perks that we hope will go a long way to make cycling locally safer; more sociable; more accessible and something where any remaining barriers for previously marginalised demographics are removed. Watch the power of people and pedals combined!

THE WHERE- A physical hub- Active Travel... and information hub! A library with a difference!

We have taken occupation of a quite derelict, and long time vacant unit at the side of Enfield Chase train station. For us it made the perfect site in terms of genuinely connecting public transport to onward local personal transport, and potentially functioning as a real hub for beginning local journeys. We want to act as a conduit to getting people active and exploring their local area. We are determined that the hub will act as the social activator for nurturing relationships amongst the local active travel community. We will do this through being the starting point of organised group rides; cycling proficiency classes; being the expert source of bike servicing & local route information provision and much more. We will proactively position people together and create networking platforms, both in digital and physical realms (e.g. via our family cycling buddy programme!) 

The unit itself needs some TLC, but we believe this is also something worthwhile, re-activating local premises for the local community for them to get maximum use out of, mutually. We intend to do more than just sit back and watch our cycles & accessories merely leaving the door (although this in itself will provide us with much joy!) We also intend to offer art activities for young and old hands alike, and also to allow these artistic skills to extend to temporary colourful personalising of different parts of our equipment library for example!




THE WHO- One BIG Family- Advisors, Members, Partnerships & the Local Network!

We are formally a non-profit social enterprise limited by guarantee, with zero shareholders. No monies can ever be extracted from the entity. Any surpluses must be reinvested entirely. We want to operate a truly empowered member-style cooperative entity, whereby, once we build to a small base, our members start to make the decisions on a collective basis. They will be given this power through our constitution and will be able to vote (with absolute equality of 1 vote per member) on any major decisions. We have (voluntary) directors who are experts in cycling proficiency training & cycle maintenance to help steer us through any problems that might arise.

Beyond our immediate entity, we have already reached out and established some uniquely powerful partnerships with some leading cycling brands who we believe will provide unique utility per item to end-users. We hope to further activate and make the most of these partnerships as any funds raised allow.

We also intend to partner with local cycling training partners, to deliver the full wealth of local cycling safety expertise for our members. We believe and hope we will create a new social community that feel empowered to explore their local area actively and to develop new and lasting friendships while doing this. Join us on this journey!


We have made a small start on our own, but have now exhausted our limited resources. We have focused so far on critical tasks such as securing the hub facility; the procurement of a handful of basic bikes; and the establishment of basic website functionality so that we have the capacity to handle bookings & create a web presence so that we can reach a wider audience. We now need to finish the job prior to launch. We need your help to do this.

Any hub is only as valuable as the accommodation it can provide. Any hire fleet is only as useful as its diversity. We will spend any pledge monies on making our initial offering as utility-giving as humanly possible. We want to establish a varied working fleet (trailers, tag-alongs, child bikes, child seats and cargo options galore!) as quickly as possibly that can then start delivering all the benefits to members that we hope for. The more substantial and varied that this initial fleet offering is, the more we are able to offer to each of our prospective members and thereby create a virtuous circle, where the level of local community who deem it worthwhile to be involved, join and help us expand our offering further still. 

We will spend a limited, much smaller, amount on sprucing up the hub and adding some finishing touches- e.g. installing some critical fixtures and fittings (a counter, cycle racking and crucially like some shopfront signage! ) as well as installing an all-wall chalkboard. We also wish to install some living vegetation to improve the environmental quality at the hub itself for the benefit of any visiting members.

Indicative cost of initial fleet items e.g. 

Child Seats- £40+

Balance Bikes- £50+

Kids Bikes- £100+

Long-Tail Family Cargo Cycles- Non Electric- £800+ | Electric- £2000+

Indicative cost of initial refurb items e.g.

All-wall chalkboard- £1500


Check out our fantastic reward offers, with an additional 50% our normally ultra accessible price points for early supporters (see further details about membership options below). We also have a range of one-off rewards on offer, never to be repeated post launch! Such as our "TAKE-THEM-ALL" Multi rider reward! Get in quick!

Amongst regular hire offers we also have cycling proficiency; pedestrian; wall art install and much more!

We also have some specific PIF "pay it forward" (or "suspended") membership offers, where your pledge will go into a protected fund, from which we will carefully distribute that specific membership on a complimentary basis for those locally without the ability to pay currently. So if you don't have a current need or are not in the immediate area, you can still get involved!

(Please note, upon request, any "normal" reward can also be converted to a suspended one upon accompanying instruction. Just get in touch post pledge!)

THE HOW- Our memberships

We intend to offer highly affordable access to specific lines of family and multi-rider cycling equipment and accessories, according to your needs. Our memberships will typically offer unlimited-hires within any month so that there is no ceiling to usage, thus achieving our aim of more active journeys locally. 

 Intended core categories of membership to be offered from the start, include:

1. Kids Balance Bike & Scooter Hire

2. Kids Bike Hire

3. Child Bike Seat Hire & Pannier Rack Hire

4. Family Bike Hire

5. Kids, Dog & Utility Trailer Hire

6. Tag-a-long Hire (hopefully including a tandem tag-a-long!)

6. Multi Rider Bike Hire1647512432_1647512432143.png

7. Pedestrian Membership

8. Donation/ Pay-It-Forwards "Suspended" Membership


All hirees will also have access to...

We want to ensure that being part of our movement, will be transformative for all, the collective and the individual equally. To this end we have put together a package of benefits that we think make our offering truly unique to anyone cycling. Even when you are not hiring anything by way of equipment, we think these perks will be worth their fair weight all on their own.

These will include: group led-rides programme; club buddy programme; pillion partner programme; complimentary safety provision; cycling proficiency course calendar; group-discounted uniquely comprehensive cycling insurance; club bike carbon tracking app; complimentary child art classes and much more to be latterly confirmed!



THE DREAM- Our longer term ambitions

In the short term our plan is to offer, from our one community hub, a wide provision of family & utility cycling equipment, to be made available for hire at a very reasonable cost, to enhance access for all families to active travel right here in north London. 

However we sincerely hope that this is just the beginning.  Upon proof of concept, it is our great intention to open subsequent "libraries of family cycling" hubs, across the south-east and wider still, to serve all communities and wherever there is a need that there is a matching provision, with all the accompanying personalised support. As our fleet expands on any site, the hope is that this increases the pool of equipment even further for all to share in, regardless of location! Items will be able to be requested between hubs! This is the dream!


Our website at https://www.thefamilybikeclub.com/ is currently under construction but provides some more info on our setup; and how our members are in control for example! Check back soon for further updates!


Many thanks for reading and we truly appreciate ANY level of support, big or small.

The Family Bike Club Team (Or Molly, Felix and Ted!)


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£8 or more

2 of 40 claimed

BOGOF Adult Pass to Capel Manor Gardens!

As part of our push (bike!) to expand local cycling horizons and really expand possibilities for local engagement we are delighted to announce a collaboration with Capel Manor College who are kindly offering our members 2 for 1 on Adult admission passes when travelling by bike! This is part of a wider push to create a map of local value for active travellers. Many thanks to Capel Manor for being the first to partner with us on this journey

£5 or more

0 of 20 claimed

3 Month Kids Balance Unlimited Hires 66% OFF!

Balance bikes & (manual) scooters for unlimited hire for 3 months! Different options will be available from different providers. Let your child have freedom to choose and watch them wobble off into the sunset! Unlimited hires, one item at a time. Free hub-art also included! Helmets provided with every balance hire. Knee and wrist pads available on request. Suitable for 1-7 year olds (older ages suitable for scooter hires)

£5 or more

Unlimited Bikeability Sessions for 3 Months- Child

Is your child new to cycling? Or just looking to brush up on their abilities in a fun environment? Social & cycling skills! Whichever it is we will a session for them, with courses for all ages and all existing skill levels. We will also have cycle-lane & greenway specific classes for kids riding alongside their parents. We aim to elevate safety awareness & cycling competence for all small riders locally PAY-IT-FORWARDS PLEDGE AVAILABLE

£7 or more

0 of 15 claimed

Adult & Tag-a-long Full Setup- 1 Month- 50% OFF!

Get 1 month's access to a standard adult bike & child tagalong, nothing else needed! Different varieties available. Includes kids single tagalongs where they can help with pedal power! Suitable for children aged 3-6 years old. Complimentary fitting. Safety flags provided. We also hope to be able to also stock a unique tandem tag-a-long, which is truly twice as much fun for little legs!

£7 or more

0 of 30 claimed

Child Bike Seat Membership- 2 Months- HALF PRICE!

2 Month Child Bike Seat Membership- 50% OFF! Get a 2 month access to our range of rear, top tube, and front mounted child seats. Different varieties will be made available, both by way of models and colour options. Helmets & safety accessories provided. Fitting is always offered together with safety induction, on a complimentary basis

£10 or more

1 of 75 claimed

Art... glorious Art!! Wall Install Sponsorship!

Help us to achieve our ambition of creating an all-wall chalkboard canvas in our hub for those budding young local talents! For every pledge here we will install an additional chalkboard segment and each of these will have a unique identifier that we will send to you upon build completion. You will then own a permanent piece of local art infrastructure that might host the early scribbles of the next Banksy, Picasso or Constable! You never know!

£12 or more

0 of 30 claimed

3 Month Kids Bike Membership 50% OFF

3 Month Kids Bike Membership- 50% OFF! Get a 3 month access to our range of kids pedal bikes. Unlimited hires, unlimited duration, one item at a time. Range of lightweight bikes to be available. Suitable for ages 3 to 12 years old. Complimentary helmet provision with all hires. Grab your child's hire and join one of our cycling proficiency or family group-led rides for the ultimate in local family fun!

£15 or more

0 of 20 claimed

PAY IT FORWARD 6 Month Kids Balance Hire! 50% OFF

We appreciate that some residents (or non) may love the concept, but have no current need for any equipment, or indeed for any of our perks (via our Pedestrian option for example!) However if you would really like to help another family who maybe cannot afford a monthly fee, to have this access- our PAY IT FORWARD scheme is perfect! All monies pledged on this reward will be reserved for complimentary hires. You will be updated your pledge

£15 or more

0 of 15 claimed

Kids Tag-a-long Membership- 3 Months- 50% OFF!

Kids Tag-a-long Membership- 3 Months- 50% OFF! Get 3 months access to our fleet of child tagalong options. Different varieties available, both by way of brands, models & colour options. Includes kids single tagalongs where they can help with pedal power! Suitable for children aged 3-6 years old. Complimentary fitting always offered. Safety flags, helmets and lights also provided

£15 or more

6 Month Pedestrian Membership FOR HALF PRICE

Get a 6 months access to our pedestrian membership! HALF PRICE Membership includes our full suite of club perks including: 1 Member 1 Vote- Full access to proposing new equipment for the club & to voting on any fellow member proposals. Buddy & Group Club Rides Programme. Route Tracking App Usage. Free Safety Accessory Hire- Lights & Hi Vis. Access to Special Club Discounts. PLEASE NOTE- NO physical hires included

£15 or more

Unlimited Bikeability Sessions for 3 Months- Adult

New to cycling? Or just looking to brush up on your abilities e.g. when carrying some valuable cargo? Whichever it is we will have a session right for you. Gain more confidence in cycling locally; with courses for all ages and all existing skill levels. We also plan on having sessions specifically for women cyclists and those carrying kids or towing a trailer. We aim to elevate safety awareness & cycling competence for all family riders locally.

£20 or more

0 of 10 claimed

MULTI RIDERS GO - Unlimited 2-Hour Hires- 1 MONTH

Multi Rider Special- Unlimited 2-Hour Hires for 1 Month Hire out any one of our multi rider cycles, for a maximum of 2 hours for a ride locally. This could involve any of our tandem semi recumbents; our not so ordinary "regular" tandems; or our ultra special quad tandem!! The choice is yours! Multi rider cycles must be booked in advance and are subject to availability. Can be ridden anywhere locally. Unlimited hires for 1 month

£24 or more

0 of 30 claimed

PAY IT FORWARD 6 Month Kids Bike Hire! 50% OFF

We appreciate that some residents (& non!) may love the concept, but have no current need for any equipment, or indeed for any of our perks (via our Pedestrian option for example!) However if you would really like a family who maybe cannot afford a monthly fee, to have this access- our PAY IT FORWARD scheme is perfect! All monies pledged on this reward will be reserved for complimentary hires. You will be kept updated when your pledge is used

£24 or more

0 of 20 claimed

Kids, Dog & Utility Trailer- 3 months- HALF PRICE!

Get 3 months access to our range of soft 3-in-1 trailers, for all your delicate cargo transport needs! Whether this be kids, dogs or other small-load haulage! Take your pooch along for the ride! Can also be hired as independent push-along carriers. Maximum of one trailer hire at any one time. Complimentary fitting and safety induction provided. Safety flag included

£30 or more

0 of 30 claimed

3 Month Family Bike Hire Extravaganza!- 50% OFF!

Get 3 months access to our range of family bikes. This will include long-tail cargo bikes; complete with all the add-ons you might need e.g. child seats, monkey bars, foot pegs et al The perfect bikes for the school run; shopping runs; weekend club activities; longer adventures & much more. Ultra versatile, they change how you see your local area and put new joy into local journeys. Also the perfect staycation activity! PIF available

£75 or more

0 of 10 claimed


ONE OFF HALF-DAY HIRE- Multi rider Extravaganza! Hire out ALL our multi rider cycles at any one time, for a half day (max 4 hours) ride locally, or extra locally. This could involve any of our tandem semi recumbents; our not so ordinary "regular" tandems; or our ultra special quad tandem!! The choice is yours! Group multi rider cycle hires must be booked in advance & are subject to availability. Complimentary local ride guide thrown in!

£150 or more

0 of 5 claimed


ONE OFF FULL-DAY HIRE- Multi rider Extravaganza! The ultimate staycation treat! Hire out ALL our multi rider cycles at any one time, for full day rides locally, or extra locally. This could involve any of our tandem semi recumbents; our not so ordinary "regular" tandems; or our ultra special quad tandem! The choice is yours! Group multi rider cycle hires must be booked in advance & are subject to availability. Complimentary local guide included!

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