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by Thornbury Radio in Thornbury, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 23rd July 2020 we successfully raised £5,055 with 27 supporters in 41 days

Community radio station providing Covid-19 information updates, free public service announcements and local programmes with great music!

by Thornbury Radio in Thornbury, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Thornbury Radio is currently available 24 hours a day. You can listen on-line via our website Thornbury Radio now.  Listeners can also access us via the TuneIn app available from the Apple app store or via our app on the Google Play store.

Any extra money raised will be used to transform Thornbury Radio from on-line to FM broadcasting in 2021. This is requires a huge community effort as we need to find a studio space and furnish it, gain advertisers, train the DJs, get the mast up and get on air!

Ofcom has granted us an FM licence so we just need to raise the money to make it happen! Thank you for all your support.

Welcome to Thornbury Radio

Thornbury Radio is the community radio station already serving Thornbury and the surrounding areas.

Thornbury Radio is available 24 hours a day. You can listen on-line via our website Thornbury Radio.  Listeners can also access us via the TuneIn app available from the Apple app store or via our own dedicated Thornbury Radio app on the Google Play store.

Your donation will allow us to continue to help local good causes with their publicity, deliver local news, weather and events, provide important Covid-19 updates, bulletins, announcements and entertaining radio shows.  It will also help build our funds towards our launch on FM right across most of South Gloucestershire. We are on a mission to give a voice to Thornbury and the surrounding areas!   

Thanks for reading Thornbury Radio's Aviva Community Crowd-funding page. 

We hope that over the next few minutes you will become as excited as we are at what community radio in Thornbury and the surrounding areas can achieve.

Made in Thornbury for everyone in Thornbury and surrounding areas

Thornbury Radio (formerly Gloss FM) is run entirely by a dedicated team of volunteers, giving their time and skills for free. We have been providing a service to Thornbury and the surrounding areas on-line since 2017 but our roots in the area are much deeper. Over the years, over 300 local volunteers of all ages have delivered local radio programming on the station. Our youngest stars have still been at primary school, whilst our oldest presenter at 83 currently presents the mid-morning show.

But don't just take our word for it.

Thornbury Radio supporters

Support for Thornbury Radio comes from individuals through to local community leaders. Thornbury Radio has an active presence on social media with over 1000 Facebook post engagements monthly. We have received lots of lovely comments about our community radio station. On Twitter we have over 245 followers and growing. We use our social media presence to promote not only our own shows and activities but also those of businesses, local community groups, charities and anyone that needs a voice from within the community. Below are just a few testimonials from local leaders.

Luke Hall – MP for Thornbury, Yate and the surrounding villages “....has the potential to be a very important service for the Thornbury community. The station reflects the vibrancy and community spirit of the town, and is a great asset to the local area.”

Andy Spens – Headteacher St Helens Primary School, Alveston “As Headteacher of a local primary school, I’m very keen to support this fantastic initiative. I’m only too aware of the importance of the local community and projects like this would really develop and support our local and unique community. As a school, we’re also very keen to be involved, giving our children the chance to learn about journalism and contribute to their local area.”

Tina Mitchell Skinner - CEO and Founder – Brain Tumour Support "As a local charity supporting families affected by a brain tumour, we rely on good communication. Part of that is making connections with people and Thornbury’s radio station has been a wonderful vehicle enabling us to do just that. Reaching out within our local community and talking about our service provision is vital. Therefore, being able to do this on local radio and using the power of music to soften the often hard-hitting facts is what local radio does best."

Steve Bagnall, Group Scout Leader – 2nd Thornbury Scouts, Cotswold Edge District “Thornbury Radio will be a big benefit to our Group and District as it will provide both a medium to promote our activities to the local community and an opportunity for our members to visit and learn more about the workings of local radio.”

Sean Underwood – Police Sergeant – Response Team 5 Patchway Police Station “I whole heartedly support the local radio for the area I live and work. Thornbury Radio is needed within a growing community and will hugely assist community cohesion. I support this as a resident but also as a local Police Sergeant where I rely on local radio for spreading of good news and general information.”

Our mission

Studio Photo

Our mission is to deliver a hyper-local radio station to everyone in Thornbury and surrounding areas. While we already broadcast 24 hours a day on-line; in 2021 Thornbury Radio will be available on FM too.

Thornbury Media Community Interest Company is a social enterprise that runs Thornbury Radio - it is the only not-for-profit community radio station serving the whole community of Thornbury and the surrounding areas. It is a social enterprise that uses all of its resources to benefit the community and will always respond to the needs of the listeners.

We aim to deliver high quality, relevant programming. We support the development of our community through frequent free on-air mentions for local charities and organisations, and sponsorship opportunities for business and campaigns. We provide a platform for local community groups through our 'infomercial' service for free!

Thornbury Radio is continuing the process of reaching out to the communities of Thornbury and the surrounding areas and embracing the process of building identity and pride expressed through participation in the station.

  • The promotion of diverse local voluntary organisations 
  • The provision of local information and news 
  • Information and education on health issues 
  • Highlight education, training and employment opportunities for young people 
  • Encourage self-help in addition to community assistance to the less fortunate members of our area 
  • Showcase local talent in their artistic and cultural endeavours 
  • Promote participation in sports and other keep-fit activities 
  • Working with local organisations such as Thornbury Volunteer Centre and Thornbury Welcomes to encourage involvement in the station 
  • Provide opportunities to reduce social isolation and make new friends 
  • Provide uplifting and cheerful programmes to lift the spirits of listeners


Thornbury Radio is a community radio station that responds to the needs of the listeners. Covid-19 has meant a focus on how we can support the development of our community in a variety of ways including: accurate Covid-19 information updates, free public service announcements from local government and health organisations, light hearted music but with a serious message on hand washing for example, as well as signposting to hyper-local community groups for the vulnerable.    

In April 2020 we have played out information on Home Isolation Advice - Public Information Material – 219 times, Local News – 198 times, Coronavirus Bulletins – 70 times, Avon Talking Magazine (for the visually impaired) – 62 times and I’ve Washed Mine song – 111 times, for example.

We have developed a twice weekly show called 'Lifeline Thornbury' where we bring together Covid-19 interviews, uplifting music, on-air mentions for local groups such as Age UK South Gloucestershire and all presented by a local voice (from home for now but in the studio soon). 

We  published our details on the local South Gloucestershire Council Community Support website for those looking for Cornonavirus information locally. We aim to learn from the Covid-19 community support we provide about those areas of the community where we could improve our engagement activities and aim to form community relationships to help strengthen future projects. 

Covid-19 community support is a new focus for the radio station due to the current situation which has meant that our usual funding sources such as advertising and grants has reduced. The funding you give will enable the station to continue this Covid-19 support through funding our internet hosting costs, utilities, website , music royalties, equipment maintenance and remain broadcasting on-line over the next 12 months and onwards.

Our Service to you and the community

By providing our listeners with a hyper-local radio service playing a variety of music, quizzes, news and features, we also aim to tell people about all the great activities going on in Thornbury and the surrounding areas that they can participate in, discuss issues that matter to them, and signpost them to sources of support should they need it. 

We provide a free platform for other local charities, groups and clubs to promote their activities, fund-raising events and volunteering opportunities. Our truly local grass-roots radio service supports everyone from listeners to volunteers in their physical, mental and social health and well-being, helping to reduce loneliness and social isolation, and offering something very different to what can be heard on commercial radio stations.

For example we have a free "Community Spotlight" feature, with two local transport groups featured - Green Community Transport and Four Towns and Vale Link who help disabled and disadvantaged people with travel needs around the county, and Brain Tumour Support who give support to those affected by a diagnosis of a brain tumour. We have also provided a voice for those in Thornbury and District who struggle to be heard - such as South Glos Aspies, an autistic led social group of Autistic adults, who like to meet, network and socialise has been featured on the Chris Connery show.

Our Music

Musically we are far more diverse than other stations on the dial.  In contrast to most commercial stations that playlist only 300-400 songs, our playlist has over 5000 songs, and that excludes the music we play in specialist shows! 

Specialist shows appeal to our audiences too such as Tony Bradley's Dance Band Days and Shout Out Radio for the LGBTQ+ community. We aim to develop more specialist shows in the next 12 months which are usually broadcast in the evenings.

Supporting our volunteers

We provide on going support  to our volunteers and presenters who have told us being part of Thornbury Radio is so rewarding, knowing you can reach the whole community from a microphone and potentially give everyone in the community a voice!

Obviously it is fun although we are told that being a presenter is often a challenge!

Volunteering on Thornbury Radio allows you to be part of a friendly community, where there is always something to do.

Our Service to local business

Rowena Moncrieffe - Chair - Thornbury Chamber of Trade "Thornbury has a thriving ecosystem of small local businesses that compete with encroaching national brands - yet currently we have no outlet to advertise on radio locally. Previous local radio broadcasts in Thornbury have proven the value of local radio advertising, and so we feel it is important for our members to have a channel to compete against powerful national brands that can afford to advertise on big regional radio stations. Thornbury Radio offers this opportunity to our members."

Thornbury Radio continues to provide a cost effective platform for local businesses to advertise. This isn't limited to just adverts, but we also offer sponsorship of programmes or sponsoring features such as the weather/traffic news.

If you are interested then do have a look at our advertise pages or perhaps you might be interested in a couple of our Rewards below?


There are a number of exciting rewards available for our potential funders which means - you!

Our volunteers and presenters have made short videos to explain what these exciting rewards are:

The future for Thornbury Radio

Thornbury Radio is already available 24 hours a day for everyone in Thornbury and the surrounding areas and further afield but we have even bigger plans for 2021!

Ofcom has granted us an FM broadcasting licence so once we have secured our future through the Covid-19 pandemic we need to raise the money to make it happen! 

Any extra money raised will be used to transform Thornbury Radio from simply on-line to FM broadcasting.

This is another challenge we are already preparing for - so if you can support us financially then thank you or perhaps you can support us with your time - then we want to hear from you. Head along to our volunteer page and we will get back to you.

Thank you for reading and for all your support.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£500 or more

3 of 6 claimed

Exclusive Sponsorship Reward

How about your name on air, on the hour, every hour, 24 times a day exclusively for 2 months! For your reward you, or your company's name, would be used as the sponsor for the weather guaranteeing an on air mention 24 times per day for 2 months! We know everyone's talking about the weather. On Thornbury Radio we give you the local weather on the hour, every hour. Thanks for supporting us - you are fabulous!

£20 or more

Merchandise reward bundle - oh it is a big bundle!

You will receive a Thornbury Radio car sticker, pen and supporters T-shirt. Thank you! Oh and a 'high 5' when we see you wearing the T shirt.....for life! Thanks for supporting us - you are amazing!

£50 or more

2 of 20 claimed

Studio Experience Reward

Would you or someone you know like a 2 hour studio session with one of our experienced DJs? Then this is for you - or perhaps a present for them! We will show you how a radio show ends up on air and give you time behind the microphone helping you create a voice over featuring your voice to take home! Thanks for supporting us - you are great!

£100 or more

1 of 10 claimed

Shout Out Reward

You, or anyone you'd like to nominate, will receive a weekly mention on air! Along with a special thank you, you'll pick a song of your choice to follow your on air mention - all of that for a whole year! Yes every week for 12 months. Thanks for supporting us - you are brilliant!

£2,000 or more

1 of 1 claimed

Exclusive Advertiser Reward

You will be the first advertiser heard on Thornbury Radio when we launch on FM across South Gloucestershire. Your 30 second advert will be played at least 6 times a day, for 6 months. That's over 1000 adverts! We will give you advertising exclusivity for your business type during that period. You'll also feature on our website, Facebook and Twitter too. Making sure everyone in Thornbury and the surrounding area hears how great you are!

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