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A series of videos to support the mental health and physical well being of people with cancer from diagnosis through their cancer journey.

by Gemma Crane in Oxford Business Park South, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

We would like to continue with our film series and continue to identify more areas of interest that would empower people with cancer and enable them to self manage where possible. The focus will always be on Health and Well Being. We want to be able to run more interactive sessions for people with cancer and these resources will be vital for this work. It ultimately will support patients to feel empowered and less isolated at what is currently such a lonely time for may people with cancer. 

We would like the people that access our courses and communities to be able to have a Support Care Package given to them at home. This would include products such as hand creams, face creams, nausea lozenges and lip balms etc which will support people with cancer with some of the physical side effects of cancer treatment. Sometimes it is hard to obtain the best products that reduce side effects of treatment. By reducing the side effects we are supporting people to stay on their treatment for longer, which often results in a better outcome.  We want to  fund 200 packages for people with cancer within our communities. 

These services are a life line at this time for people with cancer. 

Cancer Patient Support- Support People with Cancer


Fund Match Opportunity

UCARE has been offered a fantastic and generous opportunity if we reach our AVIVA target of £2500. My Bollox (www.mybollox.co.uk) is a small family run business in Oxfordshire  who sell pants but also raise awareness of male cancers at the same time, and they have offered to match our target amount!   This additional funding will allow us to continue and improve the education and support that we provide to people with cancer on a daily basis. Please help us reach this target!  My Bollox brand has  taken up the torch and run with it.  with this kind, heart warming and AMAZING pledge to match the £2,500 if we can raise it here 

Cancer Patient Support- Support People With Cancer

A series of films focusing on the Health and Well Being of people diagnosed with urological cancer. The series will include information for different stages of the journey from diagnosis through to thrivorship stages. These can be used by people at home or as part of our group support sessions which we run for people with cancer. 

Reducing Isolation

The mental health of people with cancer is very important in terms of how they cope with their cancer treatment. It has been especially important during the pandemic as there are less face to face to appointments and services. People are much more isolated and lonely and therefore at a risk of depression. Being able to access information in the form of video online is really useful and they can access this from the comfort of their own homes. We also are going to run some support sessions for patients and the films will be able to be used as part of this work too, as again connection will reduce isolation. 

Improving Quality of Life 

This UCARE project aims to improve the patient experience and quality of life as well as making systems more cost effective and efficient. People with cancer will have their needs met in a more timely manner. With increased focus on health and well being people will be able to make healthier lifestyle choices and make their care better. It will enable patients to be within a remote health care system which will reduce the expense of attending appointments at the hospital on a regular basis.


This request is really important as it impacts on both the patients ability to self manage, feel empowered due to increased knowledge as well as improve their all round health and well being. It also impacts on the NHS as it frees up the system to see patients that have greater and more complex needs as well as getting new patients seen in a more timely manner. Early diagnosis saves lives. 

Patients often suffer huge anxiety when attending the hospital and again this plan will reduce the number of visits they have to attend at the hospital. 

Who Will This Help?

This work will be aimed at people with cancer who have just been diagnosed through to post treatment. They can be of any age (adults as well as carers). We will be mainly targeting people with urological cancer (prostate, testicular, bladder, kidney cancer) but they will be generic and therefore can be used for people with any tumour type. 

The Difference

The outcome will be for people to access information from their own home, with less risk and also to be able to communicate with communities of people with a similar diagnosis to themselves. The films will provide greater signposting and offer solutions as well as tips and techniques to manage some of the psychological issues that people with cancer may experience. It will provide solutions for self management to empower people with cancer and to help with cope better.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

We will give a support pack to someone with cancer

A supportive care package will be sent to someone with cancer who is just starting treatment, the packs will help them cope better with their side effects and give them a little boost when they need it most!

£10 or more

A Big Thumbs Up

A great big thank you from us to you for supporting people with cancer. Every penny counts so thank you

£20 or more

Raising Awareness of Cancer

Because of your generosity someone will think twice about their symptoms and seek help from their GP more quickly. An early diagnosis saves lives as they will be able to access treatment more quickly! Thank you!

£80 or more

Cancer A-Z Course

A course created to support people with cancer, carers and those organisations that support them. A whistle stop tour of cancer for you or your loved one.

£200 or more

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Health and Well Being Talk for your Business

A health and well being talk will be offered to you by our Lead Community Nurse

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