Upgrade The Maltings Venue Hall To LED Lighting

by David Brown in Matlock, England, United Kingdom

Upgrade The Maltings Venue  Hall To LED Lighting
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Update the hall lights to dimmable LED's halving energy cost with user light level adjustment for our environment and communities benefit

by David Brown in Matlock, England, United Kingdom

A retired Chartered Engineer volunteer that has returned this 200 year old historic building known as The Parish Room back to our community for their use. It was a derelict factory in 2001 after producing lady's underwear and then children's1644751720_34_parish_room.jpg clothes. This building view of the historic Maltings was taken from the Church Tower. The Wirksworth community in 1891 raised the funds to purchase and restore this malt producing factory, renamed it Parish Room and Sunday School to be a community centre; this historic event is what motivates me. A volunteer steering committee led by Canon David Truby has been set up and the building renamed The Maltings. Our objectives are to continue with building renovation and maintenance whilst working with users in its development concepts ensuring rental fees are minimised. The unreliable old fluorescent lighting system luminosity is for some users excessive such as the beer Festival and others is insufficient especially when reading music and playing table tennis.



The Project

New  LED technology provides the opportunity not only to increase luminosity with dimmability but is reliable with pendant lights that are more in keeping for this 200 year old building which has many retained features. Ther1644767942_hall_master_plan_led_dimmers_&_light_position_plan.pnge are 2 areas in the building as the plan shows, lights 1 to 5 in the main hall where the height is 14ft and light 6 to 8 in the side hall, the height there being 11ft 6inches. The side hall is mainly used for catering with tables and chairs and does not need the luminosity of the main hall. All the lights are switched on when entering the hall with dimming controls for lights 1 to 4, light 5 dimming is controlled as shown as are lights 6 to 8 controlled separately as shown. During theatre and music concerts such as those given by our local brass band the performing area is under light 5 hence the separate dimming controls for the users. The preferred high bay light is the dimmable Philips 100watt producing 15,000 Lumens with diffuser and for the catering area 12 inch Brooklyn glass dome pendant with dimmable E27 27wa1644781427_lights.pngtt light bulb. the material costs for the project. The material costs are £1,100 which include the dimming controls. The labour costs which include the removal of the old fluorescent system and replacing with the new  as described will be £4,000 taking 5 days for this to upgrade. The £5,000 raised will make this project happen and will be gratefully appreciated by the Wirksworth community and also help us to deal with the energy price increases and keep the rental fees as low as possible.  


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