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Establishing urban mammal groups in Cardiff, London and Glasgow to enable volunteers to take part in mammal conservation and research

by Matt Larsen-Daw in United Kingdom

We are the Mammal Society - a charity which coordinates citizen science projects with our on-the-ground local mammal groups to protect, monitor, and restore mammal populations across the British Isles.

Our local mammal groups are made up of volunteers who carry out vital surveys and projects, such as searching for harvest mouse nests or surveying for otters, so we can gather a better idea of how mammals are faring across the British Isles. Without them, we wouldn't be able to identify conservation priorities for our most endangered and least monitored mammals.


Our Lack of Urban Mammal Groups:

But, we have a problem. We don't currently support any mammal groups in urban locations, which means that we are extremely data deficient in these areas and know less about the urban challenges our mammals are facing and how we can help them.

In addition, people who are often under-represented in conservation, such as those from ethnic minorities or disadvantaged backgrounds, which are often in urban areas, have less opportunities to gain experience in science and conservation due to the lack of local volunteer groups in these areas. This compounds with a general lack of access to nature in urban environments to render nature and mammals inaccessible to many people.


Why we are Crowdfunding:

We want to change the opportunities available for people and mammals in urban areas, and that's why we're seeking funding to help us establish 3 new mammal groups in London, Cardiff, and Glasgow. With these mammal groups, we aim to help more people get involved with conservation and expand our knowledge of mammals in urban areas across the British Isles. 

Children will be able to directly interact with mammals, their signs, and the natural world; young people interested in a career in conservation will be able to get hands-on experience and ecological skills training for free; and adults needing better access to nature and a community of like-minded people will be able to get as involved in their local group as they would like to be. All the while, these groups will be gathering vital information about the mammals in their areas so that we can focus on protecting and restoring their populations.


The Funding Will be Used for: 

  • Finding local people in London, Cardiff, and Glasgow who would like to form mammal groups in their areas
  • Helping these groups to setup, including onboarding them onto our insurance, processes, and current research projects
  • Buying equipment for these groups such as camera traps, small mammal traps, and office equipment to help them get started
  • Acting as a point of reference for these groups, including supporting them with any financial or logistical difficulties they might have, or knowledge gaps

By Funding our Project, you Will Receive:

  • £10 or more: A 'Friend of the Mammal Society' wooden badge with an Alicia Hayden fox (only 50 available)
  • £50 or more: A limited edition, signed Alicia Hayden artwork print of a shrew (only 50 available)

Thank you!

Due to Aviva's Wild Isles match funding, every £1 you donate will be matched with £1, so you will be donating double the amount you actually pay for! Thank you for funding the establishment of our urban mammal groups. We really appreciate your support.


Contact Alana Scott at [email protected]


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Exclusive Signed Shrew Artwork by Alicia Hayden

An exclusive print of a shrew, signed by artist Alicia Hayden!

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Friend of the Mammal Society Badge

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