Help Disabled Children/Families to Access Support.

by Pam Fry: PlayWise in Sutton, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 23rd March 2021 we successfully raised £12,390 ( + est. £1447.50 Gift Aid ) with 226 supporters in 35 days

To enable disadvantaged & vulnerable families of children with a disability to access our specialist & bespoke services free of charge.

by Pam Fry: PlayWise in Sutton, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The more we raise the more families we can help! Its simple

There are so many families that need our help in the UK - whether you live locally to the hub or would like online support and guidance regarding your child's needs.  It's a known fact that families with a disabled child are more likely to have financial difficulties and the impact of Covid has been significant so far.  The lockdown and changes to school over the last year have had a dramatic impact on children's behaviours, ability to cope in changing times, a reduction of access to therapies and parental stress levels and mental health needs are an all time high.  If we raise money above our target - our Family Support Fund will reach out and help more people.

Help Disabled Children and Families to Access Support 

 Who We Are

Imagine a place where parents and carers of children with special education needs and disability (SEND) have access to all the support they need. Imagine a warm, welcoming and safe space that these children can visit regularly to have playdates and meet their friends while their mum and dad have tea or coffee and chat with other SEND parents. 

PlayWise is that space. 

We have created a fantastic, vibrant and welcoming PlayWise Community Hub specifically designed to meet the needs of our SEND children and families. Through our PlayWise Membership Services, families can access group play sessions, free tea and coffee, computers, printers and laminators for resource making. Our members can attend yoga classes for mental health and wellbeing and also benefit from bite-size courses especially designed to meet their needs. We also offer free form filling and benefits support as well as regular nights out for parents.  


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Donate To Our Family Support Fund 

Sadly, through this pandemic, we are meeting more and more families who are financially struggling and would benefit a great deal with our services.  As a small not-for-profit organisation, we are seeking your help to raise £8000 to add to our Family Support Fund so we can offer free services to families in hardship. 

We want to make sure that access to our services and doors of our Hub stay open for all, and that no child feels isolated simply because their family cannot afford to get them the right support.

What Your Donation Means

With your donations to our Family Support Fund we would be able to offer up to 65 families with a 6 month membership package or over 20 families with a 6 week hands on bespoke intervention in the family home or bespoke training courses to over 70 parents or professionals, OR a combination of all the above.

 “Honestly Playwise is the most important service in our lives. It makes such a difference to our families' wellbeing and quality of life.” -PlayWise member parent.

 What We Do

While our Hub is our main space to meet and be with our families outside of their homes, we offer many crucial and bespoke home visiting as well as remote or online support services for families with disabled children aged 0-8 years.

We have an amazing and highly skilled team who offer a wide range of practical and emotional support interventions, working directly with children and parents in the family home. 

Interventions include teaching routines, parenting support, managing challenging behaviours and sensory difficulties, sleep counselling, promoting language and communication and learning how to play. 

All this while supporting parents and carers on the often difficult and isolating journey into the world of disability and SEND.

In addition to all this, we also offer specialist courses in the Playwise Hub or online for parents, carers and professionals: EarlyBird, Sleep Counselling, Triple P, Parenting In Partnership and Signalong.

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We provide a safe place for parents and children to come and play, meet other parents on a similar journey, in a relaxed and fun way.   

We are small community interest and not-for-profit organisation with big dreams and a strong resolve to be a complete support system for families of children with disabilities and additional needs.

We believe in laughter, seeing the positive side of disability and celebrating everything together and in doing so, we help our families gain confidence to not only survive, but thrive with their children in the outside world.

“Over the last year or so, PlayWise has become a safe space for my son and I. We come to the Hub to recharge and relax and be with other parents who share our journey. It is our space, where we can be ourselves without any fear of being judged. PlayWise is the place I regained my confidence in parenting and where our son is learning to be comfortable in his skin. We don't hide away from social interactions now. We start them."- SA, mother of a 3-year-old.

With your help, we can keep our doors open to all the children and their families who come to us to seek comfort and support. Please donate and share our appeal.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

A warm Fuzzy Feeling & a Virtual Hug

For your donations you will receive warm fuzzy feeling and virtual hug to let you know that you are supporting a real organisation that has disability at its heart and a genuine desire to make things a little easier for families with a disabled child wherever we can

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