Stamp Out Drink Spiking Across the South West

by Dawn Dines in Matford, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 10th February 2021 we successfully raised £2,766 with 83 supporters in 92 days

Drink spiking is unacceptable. Rape, robbery and even death are reported outcomes. We want to stamp out drink spiking across the South West

by Dawn Dines in Matford, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With your support, the stretch target will enable us to reach all colleges and universities across the South West England region. You will be making a huge difference to the safety of young people in the South West!

StopTopps are crowdfunding in an all-or-nothing bid for £2,500. Please pledge to help us stamp out drink spiking!


Anyone can have their drink spiked...

  • Ben Fogle’s pint was laced with LSD in a quiet pub in the Cotswolds 
  • Miss Devon’s soft drink was spiked with an unknown substance on a prominent media company’s carnival float in Switzerland when she was just 16 
  • 136 young, straight men were rendered unconscious from GHB, administered by male serial rapist Reynhard Sinaga in Manchester

The victims aren’t always pretty young women, targeted by sinister male predators in grotty downtown bars. This happens, of course - but the issue of drink spiking is far more prolific than that. It affects people of all ages, genders and walks of life. 

But no one is talking about it. Many don’t even realise how much of a problem it is. The fact it’s so severely underreported means official stats barely show the tip of the iceberg (though a series of Freedom of Information requests does reveal a worrying 108% increase in the number of incidents since 2015). 

We’re on a mission to stamp out drink spiking  


We’re taking a holistic approach to the problem by shining a light on the issue, and educating people about the potential consequences of drink spiking. The subject shouldn’t be taboo. Victims shouldn’t be blamed, questioned or doubted. We need to bring this shady practice out into the spotlight in order to end it once and for all. 

Alongside our educational campaigns that raise awareness of the problem, we’ve also developed innovative anti-spiking drinks lids to stop the opportunists in their tracks. They fit over glasses, bottles and cans, making it much harder for anyone to slip anything untoward into your drink. 

They shouldn’t be necessary, but unfortunately right now, they are. People need a preventative means of protecting themselves, and we want this to be free and accessible at the point of use. 


Why we’re crowdfunding 

We’re starting local, as a young not-for-profit, and will use this project as a proof-of-concept before taking on the whole country. If this crowdfunder is successful, the money will help us get StopTopps into the hands of vulnerable drinkers across the South West with the help of local colleges, universities and venues. 

Every pound donated will protect 15 drinks, and the protective drinks lids will be distributed along with training resources to help bar and security staff spot signs of drink spiking and protect their patrons. 

£2,500 might not sound like much, but it’s enough to get us off the ground, proving our model and securing additional financial support from businesses that want to help us in our mission. It will help us keep over 30,000 drinks secure - so please pledge, even the smallest amount will make a difference. 

StopTopps are for everyone! 

Huge thanks to Jackie Restrick for this glowing endorsement of our product and mission to stamp out drink spiking! Jackie is a bit of a radio star right now, having been featured on Devon Live’s website, ITV News Westcountry, Radio 1 and Radio 2. Thanks for the love, Jackie!

Listen to David talk about his experience of being spiked...

Watch Chloe talk about her narrow escape...


1) We are dedicated to stamping out drink spiking (putting alcohol or drugs into someone else's drink without their consent): it is never acceptable!

2) Everyone has the right to know exactly what they are putting in their bodies and should feel safe and secure when out for a drink with their friends.

3) Drink spiking is often done without malicious intent but the consequences can still be catastrophic - We aim to ensure people understand this.

4) The culture of disbelief about drink spiking needs to be challenged. We believe it is  entirely wrong that a victim of spiking should ever feel guilt or shame for what has happened to them.

5) We intend to empower individuals to make better decisions about keeping themselves and others safe when socialising and to provide the education and tools to help them do so.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more

Pledge a Pound

Trying to get as many supporters as possible to pledge £1. As much as it’s about fundraising – we want you to show that you believe in our mission that drink spiking is a crime We want to get StopTopps in the hands of vulnerable people. Help us with this mission!

£10 or more

Online Hall of Fame

For everyone who pledges £10 or more your name will be added to our online Hall of Fame when the Crowdfunding campaign closes.

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We will send you 25 StopTopps, a digital certificate with your name on it showing your support for StopTopps and your name will be added to our Hall of Fame when the Crowdfunding campaign closes.

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