Four Ways to Future Proof your Charity in the Digital World

by Aviva Community Fund | Mar 05, 2020 | Skills for success

Four Ways to Future Proof your Charity in the Digital World

There are many benefits for charities to improve their digital skills today.

Embracing digital today can be the key to your charity’s success in the future. In a digital-first world, it’s important to understand how emerging trends and channels can enhance your charity’s activities over the next years.

A strategic approach towards digital can help you:

  • Increase impact
  • Improve service delivery
  • Explore an improved used of data
  • Increase income from new channels

Looking ahead, here are four ways to future-proof your charity in the digital world.

According to the Charity Digital Skills report, only 35% of charities are up to speed with how digital trends are affecting their charity’s work. Do you want to find out more? please see charity digital tool kit. 

1. Set up a digital strategy – Many charities are using digital channels to reach their supporters but not all of them have a set digital strategy. There’s no need to be a digital expert to go from a tactical to a more strategic digital use. You can start by mapping out your current channels and how you will make the most of them.

2. Build your digital skills – One of the biggest challenges for charities is the lack of funding to build up the team’s digital skills. You don’t necessarily need a big budget to access free digital courses and webinars that can help you improve your digital skills. What you need is the buy-in from your stakeholders to embrace digital transformation from your IT infrastructure to the processes that can future-proof your charity.

3. Embrace a digital culture – You can’t plan your charity’s digital future without the internal buy-in and support from your board. Many charities feel that they lack the internal digital culture to support a broader digital transformation. That’s why it’s important to get your leaders and trustees to understand the power of digital and how it can benefit your organisation. A more agile and collaborative environment can be the key to cultivating a digital mindset that favours your future digital plans.

4. Think of the users’ needs first – The best way to future-proof your charity is to focus on your supporters’ needs and the tactics to address them. Digital channels should help you learn more about the changing user needs and behaviours. You should be able to explore how social media channels, email communications or even your website can bring you closer to your supporters. It can even be a great opportunity to increase your impact and improve your service delivery by reaching your supporters on their preferred method of communication

When it comes to future-proofing your charity, aim to be digitally ambitious. Start small and explore how you your digital ambitions can help you deliver the highest value for your users even with limited resources and time.

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