Launch checklist

by Aviva Community Fund | Feb 21, 2023 | Learn

Launch checklist

Ready to go live? Check through this list before you launch. 

We know that launching your Crowdfunder project can feel a little daunting, so we created this checklist to help give you the confidence to go live. Make sure you tick everything off to give your project the strongest start. 

Save the date

Once you’ve decided on a launch date, make sure everyone involved has it marked on their calendar. 

Proof read your project page. 

Give your page one final look over and ask a friend to do the same. Make sure the spelling and grammar is correct to show that you’ve put care and effort into the project. 

Double check your target.

Is your target realistic and achievable? Remember that once your project is live on Crowdfunder, you won’t be able to change your target. The same goes for the funding method, so give that a second look too. 

Connect your social media accounts

Check you have entered your social media links correctly by clicking on the icons below your main image or video on your project page preview. Fix any broken links before launching. 

Apply for +Extra funding

From the information you’ve added to your project, your project dashboard will match you with any available extra funding. Fill out an application before launching to give your project the best chance of being approved.  

You can find the unique web address for your project in the Basics section when creating your page. You can’t change this once your project is live, so check it’s short, relevant and memorable. 

Review the plan

Make sure that you are clear on the plan to promote your project from the first day to the last. Check which messages you’re sending out to which groups, when they’re being sent, and how.

Prepare plenty of images

Check that you have lots of new images that you can use to promote your project. Photographs of people, places, events, rewards and products are all great. You can also use free tools like Canva to create bright and bold graphics. 

Write your messages

Save yourself time and brain space later by pre-writing your messages, emails and posts before your project launches.  

Warm up your crowd

Make sure that your core supporter base knows about your crowdfunding plans. Don’t wait until your project is live to start engaging. 

Create a press release

Have a press release ready to go, along with a list of journalists and news outlets to send it to. Read more about getting press for your Crowdfunder project. 

Line up your first pledges

Aim to have secured at least 10% of your target in promised pledges before going live. Make sure those people know exactly when your project will go live and are ready to pledge in the first few hours.

Enjoy the ride

While crowdfunding can be pretty addictive, it’s important to maintain perspective. Take plenty of breaks from the campaign, get plenty of sleep and eat well. Crowdfunding can be incredibly fun and rewarding, so don’t forget to enjoy it. 

If you’ve completed everything on this list, you’re probably ready to launch your project.

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