Making opportunities accessible to all

by Aviva Community Fund | Feb 09, 2021 | Uncategorized

Making opportunities accessible to all

Topcats raised over £11,000 towards the cost of a minibus to help young people with complex needs access more opportunities.

Topcats runs activity programmes for children and young people with complex needs in Lowestoft. It’s a deprived area, where specialist support and equipment are not always accessible – meaning these young people can often miss out on opportunities available to their peers.

By providing access to fun, fulfilling and accessible opportunities, Topcats aims to help young people develop their confidence and independence. The specially developed ‘Topcats diploma’ helps young people build the skills they need to live independently, such as cooking and first aid.

But the charity didn’t have the use of accessible transport. Staff had to use their cars to take young people to activities, which incurred significant costs in insurance and mileage. What’s more, some young people with mobility needs could not get to Topcats at all. The charity needed an adapted minibus.

In need of funding, Topcats applied to the Aviva Community Fund – and raised over £11,000.

The difference that this funding is going to make is that we can purchase our own bus,” says Topcats’ Service Manager Anne Marie Battrick. “It’s going to widen the opportunities for the young people that attend our service and enable them to access more facilities.”

With a bus that everyone can access, Topcats’ young people can go further than ever before. It’ll mean more opportunities to learn and develop, from accessing work experience to attending field trips.

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