Preparing for unexpected disruption and crisis

by Aviva Community Fund | Nov 14, 2019 | Risk protection for community causes

Preparing for unexpected disruption and crisis

This article explores developing a Crisis Management plan for your organisation and making sure your processes are in place before you need to respond to any disruption. 

What do you think of when you hear the term “crisis”? 

While most people think of natural disasters, like a tsunami or earthquake, there are many things that can cause a crisis that may result in a business having to act such as amenities failure or something denying you access to your premises or cyber issues. Having a set protocol or policy to deal with any disruption of the business is a sensible precaution that helps your business respond effectively to events outside your control. 

The following templates can help you prepare for a crisis situation and navigate it successfully. 

Crisis Management Team Template 

To prepare your organisation for any potential crisis, this blank template helps you create a written guide so that your people use the correct procedures. This document includes:

  • Deciding how to get the right people in the right place at the right time, to respond effectively to an incident or crisis
  • Defining the different roles and responsibilities of individuals in the response team
  • Creating a template meeting agenda to ensure the key areas are covered when managing an incident or crisis
  • Providing example triggers that would cause you to invoke your Crisis Team

Download Crisis Management Team template

Log Keeping Template

Once your Crisis Team meets, there needs to be a consistent way to record information and decisions. The Log Keeping Template can be thought of as an official diary of events and is useful for: 

  • Providing a structured way to record information and decisions taken during incidents or crisis
  • Maintaining good communications, situational awareness and decision making
  • Assisting with ‘Lessons Learnt’ sessions after the event and for audit purposes

Download Log Keeping template

Situation Report Template

In order to keep your Crisis Team focused on managing and resolving problems created by the crisis, you can use the Situation Report Template. These are useful for a number of reasons, including accountability and transparency. The template gives you a framework to help identify and record the following: 

  • What has happened 
  • What you know at key milestones throughout the incident or crisis situation
  • What has been done and what actions have been taken and by whom
  • What the impacts are, and who is affected
  • What your priorities are, including how these decisions have been reached

Download Situation Report template