The Decision Jam

by Aviva Community Fund | Nov 14, 2019 | Skills for success

The Decision Jam

Here at Aviva, we’re proud to have been partners with the British Red Cross since 2016 and have extended this to 2021. From aiding disaster relief to providing strategic assistance, our expertise in risk, strategy and innovation are helping them build resilience in the face of crises.

Ben, Head of Fundraising Innovation at the British Red Cross, is part of a small collection of innovators that create, develop and deliver new ideas that help raise vital funds to support the great work they do.  

 A couple of recent ideas they’ve launched are a virtual challenge event to raise funds for their refugee services work, and a family subscription pack that helps bring kids up with strong charitable values.  

As a team, they use a range of innovation techniques to help them come up with new ideas, align on priorities, and make decisions fast. We’re thrilled they have offered to share with you one of their favourite and most versatile workshops of all time: The Decision Jam.  

 What’s The Decision Jam?!

This is a workshop to help you collaborate effectively and make decisions in 60 minutes; all while avoiding the terrors of unstructured meetings with no results. It’s perfect for group problem-solving, fleshing out challenges and direction-setting. Ben and his team have used it at the British Red Cross recently to:  

 ● Align the team on what work to prioritise  

● Decide what to do for their Christmas party (board games night was the winner!) 

● Get their whole Department coming up with new ideas to help increase collaboration 

All the exercises in the Decision Jam are based on the principles of innovation practises like the Design, Sprint, and blend the very best of Design Thinking and Agile working. But you don’t need to know any of that to make it work!  

If you need to get some decisions made quickly in your organisation, why not give it a try and let us know how you found it?

What you need

To get you up and running in no time, here are two handy documents with all the info you’ll need: 

Facilitator’s Guide: This is your cheat-sheet with everything you need to facilitate your own Decision Jam. Follow this guide and Ben guarantees you’ll be getting compliments after the workshop for how well it was run. 

Decision Jam deck: This editable powerpoint gives you the visual template to guide the workshop itself. Ben claims it’s tried, tested and hasn’t failed to deliver yet!