Why you should send project updates

by Aviva Community Fund | Aug 08, 2022 | Learn

Why you should send project updates

In a recent Crowdfunder survey, 84% of supporters said that receiving project updates is important to them. 

This indicates that sending updates should be a priority for every project. But it’s just one of the reasons why sending updates is a good idea. Unlike direct messages or emails, project updates are made publicly viewable on your project pages, so can perform more than one role at the same time. In this piece we’ll look at three additional reasons why you should send project updates. 

Motivate potential supporters to pledge

Updates are also a brilliant way to show newcomers that you’re active and engaged. This is important as we know that belief in the project owner is strongly linked to belief in the project itself. You can include images or videos showing that exciting things are happening behind the scenes, building on the excitement around the project. Using updates in this way can be really powerful in motivating potential supporters to pledge, as they want to join your crowd!

Empower existing supporters to spread the word

We know that people who have already pledged are clearly on board with your project and want to see it succeed. Because of this, they are one of the best groups to help spread the word even further. Often all that’s needed is a friendly nudge and some shareable content. If you make it as easy as possible, people are more likely to do as you ask. In your update, include a shareable image or bit of text that you can ask your supporters to repost to their own friends.

Build stronger relationships for the future

Updates are the best way to keep your supporters in the loop throughout your crowdfunding journey and beyond. It’s an easy way to keep in touch with everyone, make them feel valued and get excited about what’s coming next. It’s important to remember that you can continue to send updates even after your project has closed. This gives you an ideal platform to share progress, celebrate successes and get your supporters on board with your next big idea! 


When you’re logged in, you’ll find the option to send updates on both your dashboard and your project page. Each project update you send will go to every supporter who has opted to receive them, directly to their email inbox. It will also be posted publicly on your Crowdfunder project page, under the updates tab. 

Try to send one or two updates a week throughout your campaign. In the final few days it’s fine to send a few more than usual, as things can move very quickly so you’ll want to keep on top of the excitement. 

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